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Effect of methylsulfonylmethane on oxidative stress and CYP3A93 expression in fetal horse liver cells. Kim, Kyoung Hwan; Park, Jeong-Woong; Yang, Young Mok; Song, Ki-Duk; Cho, Byung-Wook Report Jan 27, 2021 4303
New Psychoactive Substance 5-MeO-MiPT In vivo Acute Toxicity and Hystotoxicological Study. Altunci, Yusuf Ali; Aydogdu, Melike; Acikgoz, Eda; Guven, Ummu; Duzagac, Fahriye; Atasoy, Asli; Dagl Report Jan 1, 2021 5639
Effects of Cryoprotective Medium Composition, Dilution Ratio, and Freezing Rates on Spotted Halibut (Verasper variegatus) Sperm Cryopreservation. Zidni, Irfan; Lee, Yun Ho; Park, Jung Yeol; Lee, Hyo Bin; Hur, Jun Wook; Lim, Han Kyu Nov 1, 2020 6698
Mapping the Impact of a Polar Aprotic Solvent on the Microstructure and Dynamic Phase Transition in Glycerol Monooleate/Oleic Acid Systems/Gliserol Monooleat/Oleik Asit Sistemlerinde Polar Aprotik Cozucunun Mikroyapi ve Dinamik Faz Gecisine Etkisinin Haritalanmasi. Kazi, Marzuka Shoeb; Dehghan, Mohammed Hassan Jun 1, 2020 8768
Evaluation of Developmental Toxicity, Developmental Neurotoxicity, and Tissue Dose in Zebrafish Exposed to GenX and Other PFAS. Gaballah, Shaza; Swank, Adam; Sobus, Jon R.; Howey, Xia Meng; Schmid, Judith; Catron, Tara; McCord, Apr 1, 2020 20067
The Ameliorative Effects of Ethyl Pyruvate and Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Ischemic Tissue Injury in Experimental Carbon Monoxide Intoxication. Pasli, Sinan; Imamoglu, Melih; Cicek, Mustafa; Yadigaroglu, Metin; Sahin, Aynur; Karaca, Yunus; Yulu Mar 1, 2020 4815
Synthesis and Structure Elucidation of New Benzimidazole Amidoxime Derivatives/Yeni Benzimidazol Amidoksim Turevlerinin Sentezleri ve Yapi Aydinlatmalari. Karaaslan, Cigdem Feb 1, 2020 5558
Global Dimethyl Sulfoxide Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 5, 2019 576
Knee joint injection resveratrol amelioration inflammation in collagen antibody induced arthritis. Tseng, Feng-Jen; Lin, Gu-Jiun; Chen, Yuan-Wu; Lee, Herng-Sheng; Sytwu, Huey-Kang; Chia, Wei-Tso Report Sep 1, 2019 4749
Human amniotic fluid stem cells (hAFSCs) expressing p21 and cyclin D1 genes retain excellent viability after freezing with (dimethyl sulfoxide) DMSO. Aziz, Shiva Gholizadeh-Ghaleh; Fardyazar, Zahra; Pashaei-Asl, Fatima; Rahmati-Yamchi, Mohammad; Khod Feb 1, 2019 5762
The Effect of Chlorhexidine and Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Long-Term Microleakage of Two Different Sealers in Root Canals. Lindblad, R.M.; Lassila, L.V.J.; Vallittu, P.K.; Tjaderhane, L. Report Jan 1, 2019 4606
In-vitro Anthelmintic Effects of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Marrubium vulgare Leaves Against Bovine Digestive Strongyles/Marrubium vulgare (karaderme) Yapraklarinin Sulu ve Etanolik Ekstraktlarinin Sigir Sindirim Strongilozuna Karsi in-vitro Antelmintik Etkileri. Moussouni, Lotfi; Benhanifia, Mokhtar; Ayad, Abdelhanine Dec 1, 2018 4616
Surubim-do-Paraiba oocytes viability after being exposed to different cryoprotectants/Viabilidade de oocitos de surubim do Paraiba apos exposicao a diferentes crioprotetores. Lopes, Tais da Silva; Sanches, Eduardo Antonio; Caneppele, Danilo; Romagosa, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2018 5066
Solvent Effect on the Solid-Surface Fluorescence of Pyrene on Cellulose Diacetate Matrices. Rogacheva, Svetlana M.; Volkova, Elena V.; Otradnova, Milena I.; Gubina, Tamara I.; Shipovskaya, Ann Jan 1, 2018 4688
A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Methylsulfonylmethane Versus Placebo to Prevent Knee Pain in Military Initial Entry Trainees. Tennent, David J.; Hylden, Christina M.; Kocher, Benjamin K.; Aden, James K.; Johnson, Anthony E. Report Oct 1, 2017 3469
Effects of Apigenin on Experimental Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in the Rat Ovary. Soyman, Zeynep; Kelekci, Sefa; Sal, Veysel; Sevket, Osman; Bayindir, Nihan; Uzun, Hafize Report Sep 1, 2017 3871
Psoriasis can get you "under your skin" but it is curable. Visser, Sue Jul 1, 2017 1577
Progeroid Syndrome Patients with ZMPSTE24 Deficiency Could Benefit When Treated with Rapamycin and Dimethylsulfoxide. Akinci, Baris; Sankella, Shireesha; Gilpin, Christopher; Ozono, Keeichi; Garg, Abhimanyu; Agarwal, A Report Jun 1, 2017 316
The Effects of Curcumin on Wound Healing in a Rat Model of Nasal Mucosal Trauma. Emiroglu, Gokhan; Coskun, Zerrin Ozergin; Kalkan, Yildiray; Erdivanli, Ozlem Celebi; Tumkaya, Levent Jan 1, 2017 3428
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Market 2016-2021 Key Manufacturers' Analysis and Review Report. Report Aug 24, 2016 806
Update. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 104
Induced reproduction of dourado (Salminus brasiliensis): fertilization with sperm cryopreserved in ACP[R]-104/Reproducao induzida do dourado (Salminus brasiliensis): fertilizacao com semen criopreservado em ACP[R]-104. Zanandrea, Ana Carolina Volpato; Weingartner, Marcos; Zaniboni-Filho, Evoy Jan 1, 2016 3324
DMSO Increases Mutation Scanning Detection Sensitivity of High-Resolution Melting in Clinical Samples. Song, Chen; Castellanos-Rizaldos, Elena; Bejar, Rafael; Ebert, Benjamin L.; Makrigiorgos, G. Mike Report Nov 1, 2015 4793
MSM may facilitate recovery for knees & muscle soreness. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 157
Ultrastructural and morphalogical changes of mouse ovarian tissues following direct cover vitrification with different cryoprotectants. Ghavami, Maryam; Mohammadnejad, Daryoush; Beheshti, Rahim; Solmani-rad, Jafar; Abedelahi, Ali Report Jul 1, 2015 5552
Insecticidal activity of five essential oils of algerian medicinal plants on peach-potato aphid, Myzuspersicae (Homoptera: Aphididae). Hakimi, Sakina; Ateyyat, Mazen; Bounechada, Mustapha Report Jan 15, 2015 2888
Molecular iodine: efficient catalyst for the synthesis of Baylis-Hillman adducts. Gaikwad, Digambar D.; Sayyed, Hussain; Pawar, Rajendra P.; Farooqui, Mazahar Report Apr 1, 2014 2193
Semen quality of curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) cryopreserved with vitamins/Qualidade de semen de curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) criopreservados com vitaminas. Navarro, Rodrigo Diana; Navarro, Fernanda Keley Silva Pereira; Felizardo, Viviane de Oliveira; Murga Jan 1, 2014 3739
Toxicity of dimethyl sulfoxide in healthy dogs and with chronic kidney disease/ Toxicidade do dimetilsulfoxido em caes higidos e doentes renais cronicos. Crivellent, Leandro Zuccolotto; Crivellenti, Sofia Borin; Carvalho, Marileda Bonafim Oct 1, 2013 4173
Amplification of GC-rich putative mouse PeP promoter using betaine and DMSO in ammonium sulfate polymerase chain reaction buffer. Seifi, Tahere; Ghaedi, Kamran; Salamian, Ahmad; Tanhaei, Sommayeh; Safari, Forouzan; Hojati, Zohreh; Oct 1, 2012 2634
DDT dechlorination electrocatalyzed by a synthetic iron porphyrin in pyridine and dimethyl sulfoxide. Shao, Jianguo; Kuwahara, Rina Feb 1, 2012 3121
Spermatic abnormalities of piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus (Valenciennes, 1849) after cryopreservation. Galo, J.M.; Streit-Junior, D.P.; Sirol, R.N.; Ribeiro, R.P.; Digmayer, Ma.; Andrade, V.X.L.; Ebert, Aug 1, 2011 3623
Cryopreservation of the microalgae Chaetoceros calcitrans (Paulsen): analysis of the effect of DMSO temperature and light regime during different equilibrium periods/Criopreservacion de las microalgas Chaetoceros calcitrans (Paulsen): analisis del efecto de la temperatura de DMSO y regimen de luz durante diferentes periodos de equilibrio. Salas-Leiva, Joan Sebastian; Dupre, Enrique Report Jul 1, 2011 5506
Osteoarthritis of the knee with a polyherbal supplement and MSM with vitamin c: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Haddad, Jack; Khano, Charlie; Poppay, Carol; Shinnick, Phillip Report Jun 1, 2011 5464
Efficacy of glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane for spinal degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc disease: a systematic review. Stuber, Kent; Sajko, Sandy; Kristmanson, Kevyn Report Jan 1, 2011 5086
A new method for the dehydration of aldoximes by using trimethysilyl chloride and dimethyl sulfoxide in free solvent. Banaei, Alireza; Imanzadeh, G.H. Sep 1, 2010 862
DMSO. Klotter, Jule Feb 1, 2008 439
Umbilical cord blood: an overview. Nov 1, 2007 4230
Urinary Tract Conditions; Treatment. Clinical report Aug 6, 2007 3652
The untapped healing potential of DMSO. Kovach, Sue Report Jul 1, 2007 3353
Next-generation nutrients for rapid relief of joint pain. Kiefer, Dale Report Mar 1, 2007 3455
Cardinal Nutrition sponsors new MSM website. Brief article Oct 3, 2006 207
MSM reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis in a blinded trial. Austin, Steve Sep 1, 2006 375
MSM for arthritis. SerVaas, Cory Brief article Jul 1, 2006 167
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Brief article Jun 1, 2006 164
AOAC seeking validation methods for MSM. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 172
Oligonucleotide melting temperatures under PCR conditions: nearest-neighbor corrections for [Mg.sup.2+], deoxynucleotide triphosphate, and dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations with comparison to alternative empirical formulas. von Ahsen, Nicolas; Wittwer, Carl T.; Schutz, Ekkehard Nov 1, 2001 4931

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