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Dimension measurement.

The Autogauge is an off-line dimension measurement system that is said to provide highly accurate and repeatable results in remarkably quick time for round rubber and plastic parts. The system provides actual part measurements for o-rings up to 4.8" OD, as well as cp-cpk data and defect classifications in both serial and single measurements. The system is contained in a tower-like structure and is portable throughout the work environment. It has an intuitive graphic user interface touch-screen monitor, is Ethernet capable and comes with its own printer. It is intended to replace the need for ring gauges and calipers, and is said to be ideal for part sampling environments and mold proving.

Dimension quality inspection of rotationally symmetric rubber seals is typically manually inspected with the use of technical tools such as dimension calipers and ring gauges. The Autogauge is said to eliminate time-consuming, inconsistent and inaccurate results.


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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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