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A young and dynamic company, Dimatra has a wide portfolio of machines covering many converting processes for nonwovens, papers and plastic films. It currently has 19 machines to offer. Six of them were designed last year. On average, this Mexican firm has designed a new machine every two months.


One of those new designs became reality last year and three of them are coming to life this year: the Manual Core Cutter for 10-inch cardboard tubes has already seen the light and the other two--the Slitter Rewinder for Small Rolls and the Wet Wipes Machine--are in development.

The company's compact wet wipes machine (240 wipes per minute) was designed and built for a local niche player. With that expertise acquired, Dimatra decided to design a higher productivity machine. This new design produces 800 to 4000 Z or C format flat wipes per minute with an automated stacker at a predetermined pieces count at a very convenient cost-benefit ratio. This machine will be tested imminently and delivered to the customer immediately afterwards. The company's goal is to increase the throughput up to 8000 wipes per minute.

Dimatra is now manufacturing equipment for a mid range Russian converter.

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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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