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DigitalPath Announces General Availability of Advanced Wireless Broadband Network Platforms; Successful Wireless ISP Offers Network Solutions for Public WiFi, Residential Wireless Broadband and Public Safety Vehicle Connectivity.

BALTIMORE -- DigitalPath, the leader in advanced wireless broadband network solutions, announced today at the ISPCON Spring 2006 conference in Baltimore the general availability of DenseNode and BroadNode, the company's next-generation wireless broadband network platforms for public Wi-Fi, residential wireless broadband and public safety vehicle connectivity. DigitalPath is a well-known provider of wireless broadband and phone services, and today's announcement marks its entry into the marketplace as a network hardware vendor. More information about DigitalPath's advanced wireless broadband network solutions may be found at

"DigitalPath's significant experience as a wireless ISP -- there are more than 1,300 repeaters deployed in our wireless network -- sets us apart from other hardware vendors," said Jim Higgins, chief executive officer of DigitalPath. "Uniquely, DigitalPath has built a large-scale, profitable wireless ISP business using the very same equipment we're now offering for sale."

DigitalPath's DenseNode enables ISPs and municipalities to provide public Wi-Fi at half the cost of competing solutions and delivers data at up to 10 Mbps to Wi-Fi-enabled computers and mobile devices. In average installations, fifty DenseNode repeaters, each mounted atop a light pole or utility pole, are deployed per square mile. DenseNode eliminates the quality of service problems that have plagued publicly maligned municipal Wi-Fi efforts with an advanced repeater system in which each radio operates at a different frequency.

"DigitalPath's DenseNode provides better network management functionality and better performance than any other wireless broadband network equipment available," said Bill Davis, chief executive officer of Town Square, a wireless ISP in West Plains, Missouri. "Remarkably, DenseNode is also the least expensive equipment, enabling us to profitably serve smaller communities than we could using any other solution."

DigitalPath's BroadNode is designed to provide broadband Internet service to residences in rural areas. Each subscriber may be located up to twenty-five miles from the nearest repeater site and receives its Internet service via a small antenna that is typically installed on the roof., a Northern California Internet service provider located in Yuba City, has been using BroadNode since early 2005 to service the greater Yuba City area, replacing their legacy KarlNet products. Another Northern California ISP,, is using BroadNode to service the 50,000 residents of the Shingle Springs area, where no other broadband solutions are currently available.

"VeriQik selected DigitalPath's BroadNode following a two-year search for the best wireless broadband equipment," said Larry Pettis, chief executive officer of VeriQik. "BroadNode provides higher bandwidth than the alternatives we rejected, and the installation could not be easier. DigitalPath's technical support has also been superb."

DigitalPath's DenseNode and BroadNode can optionally use the 4.9 GHz licensed spectrum band for public safety deployments, providing over 4 Mbps connectivity to every police car and fire truck in a community. The cost is approximately $250,000 for a typical 15 square mile deployment, which includes radios for 100 vehicles. That cost is dramatically lower than common alternatives based on cellular technology. Public safety broadband connectivity provides police forces and fire departments with powerful new capabilities, including live streaming video of, e.g., in-progress firefighting, even to or from vehicles moving at speeds above 70 miles per hour.

DigitalPath will be demonstrating its wireless broadband technologies from May 16-18, 2006, in Booth #111 at ISPCON.

About DigitalPath

DigitalPath operates one of the world's largest wireless broadband networks, providing inexpensive voice and high-speed data services to its subscribers. DigitalPath also offers a suite of advanced wireless network products that allow wireless internet service providers (WISPs) to deploy wireless broadband networks that do not require towers, are inexpensive to install and operate, and provide carrier-grade reliability. DigitalPath's own wireless network has been in continuous operation since March 2002 and serves thousands of subscribers in twenty-five communities. The company is headquartered in Chico, California, and is privately held. For more information, please contact 800-676-PATH or visit
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Date:May 16, 2006
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