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Digital transformers.

Amazon, Airbnb, Zappos. These digital natives are providing customers with quick and easy ways to interact and do business. In the insurance industry, Silicon Valley and insurtechs are turning up the heat and insurers are being pushed to rethink their mindsets and give customers a simpler and more approachable digital experience.

For many, this means hiring a chief digital officer to map out the terrain and lead the way. In Digital Transformers, Best's Review speaks with some chief digital officers and looks at what some insurers are doing to transform the traditional processes and bring about a comprehensive digital transition.

Features include a look at MassMutual's Flaven Life initiative as well as interviews with the chief digital officers at Voya and Allianz Life.

Caption: (Pictured: Gareth Ross of MassMutual, Chris Du Bois of Allianz Life and Joseph Miranda of Voya Financial.)

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Title Annotation:Digital Transformation
Publication:Best's Review
Date:May 1, 2017
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