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Digital queeries.

You've sequestered yourself at home for any number of reasons: to

nurse a case of the flu, to avoid an e who's stalking you, or maybe

just to bask in the glow of sweet, wonderful you.

Instead of doing what you normally do at home alone this time

you're going to go on-line and see how much you can accomplish

through the wonders of the Web. Scary huh? Not when you see all

the fun you can have all b yourself.

10:30 a.m.: You're out of bed, and you've walked the dog Nothing

sounds better now than a homemade breakfast, but your dog has

chewed up your cookbooks. Click over to SOAR--Searchable

Online Archive of Recipes. The variety of recipes is mind-boggling,

and they are all free.

11 a.m.: You need a little music when you cook, but you realize

that all your music is by straight performers. Outloud is an on-line

encyclopedia of lesbian and gay music from the past 70 years.


11:25 a.m.: You could always use something to

read. It might be a little heavy for breakfast-time

reading, but why not try the always informative.

Essays on Gay History and Literature by

Rictor Norton?

12:23 p.m.: You take a look in the mirror and

don't like your hair. You take a closer look--could

that, possibly be a mullet? Better check Mullet

Page to confirm

whether you have what some consider the

worst hairstyle in the history of world.

1:43 p.m.: One of the great things about

being home during the day is that you can watch daytime

TV. But all the ads for vocational schools and cheap car insurance

can be a bit depressing. Why not see if there's anything

gay on TV? On the Air, from The Washington Blade,

provides daily listings of gay stuff on the tube. point/ontheair.htm

2 p.m.: Nothing on TV? How about

a movie? Strand Releasing, the company

that distributes many of the

gay-themed movies you see, offers

videos for sale and information on

upcoming theatrical releases.

2:30 p.m.: If you're cash-poor and maxed out on all your credit

cards, you can still shop around for the next movie to rent. Two

cool gay-themed video sites are Queer Cinema and Killers.

Rogues, Vampires, and Fish: Lesbianism in Film. Both are

noncommercial sites chock-full of relevant information, and they

download quickly.


3 p.m.: All this hard Web surfing has

made you hungry. Unfortunately, you are

running low on supplies and cannot break

your promise not to leave the house or

your computer. Peapod allows you to

shop on-line for groceries and have them

delivered to your home.

5:15 p.m.: The groceries have just arrived, but a peek outside

while the door was open has tempted you to leave the house. A

drink from the local bar is in order, but you think it might be closed

today. So you try worldwide directory of gay

drinking establishments.


8:01 p.m.: Whew! Isn't it amazing how time flies?

During the past few hours you've visited a Virtual

Kissing Booth, discovered the perplexing Ate My

Balls! on-line phenomena, and met many delightful

strangers along the way.


10:51 p.m.: You stumble across a wonderful

find: the Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep,

two ancient Egyptian male manicurists (go figure)

who were buried in a tomb together. Were

they gay? Decide for yourself.

12 a.m.: Your gaze begins to wander around the room, and

you realize you haven't redecorated in ages. The styles of the

1960s and '70s are back in vogue, so you pay a visit to

Here you can tour virtual exhibits, view galleries

of goods for sale, and read interviews with designers.

2:01 a.m.: You have a whole new look for your home planned

out. Unfortunately, you have to work tomorrow and are forced

to shut off your computer. Who would have thought that 13 1/2

hours home alone with your computer would be so much fun?
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Title Annotation:Special Cyber Report; World Wide Web sites for gays
Author:Haeberli, Eric
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 3, 1998
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