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Google Maps secrets: Mystery as entire Spanish courtyard obscured from interactive view; Travellers are prone to using Google Maps to explore far-off places, but their curiosity might be piqued should they stumble upon a mysterious Spanish courtyard blurred from view. By, Sarah Leonard May 21, 2022 347
Google Maps mystery: The unstable volcanic island used for nuclear tests in the 1950s; The volcanic island of Amchitka is highly unstable and was used by as a site for underground nuclear testing in the 1950s by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. By, Declan Carey May 20, 2022 594
Google Maps mystery over airport on holiday island that's hidden from view; Google Maps has a number of secretive locations which are blurred out, and one of these is Kos International Airport which serves thousands of passengers each year. By, Declan Carey May 20, 2022 345
Google Maps hides house on ordinary street after women endure sickening torture; Address in Ohio where evil kidnapper imprisoned and brutally abused three young women for more than a 10 years has been scratched off the map by global search giant. By, Jackie Butler May 15, 2022 706
Secretive Russian island that disappeared from Google Maps sparking mystery; Jeannette Island, in the East Siberian Sea, measures just 2km in length. Google Maps users have now been left confused after it was replaced by a black mark. By, Scarlett O'Toole May 14, 2022 502
Mysterious secret Russian island that's disappeared from Google Maps; Conspiracy theorists are questioning why a black smudgy mark is being used to censor satellite imagery of a remote icy Arctic enclave that once belonged to the USA. By, Jackie Butler May 13, 2022 555
Google Maps debuts new 'immersive view' for cities in Google Maps. May 11, 2022 252
Volunteers wanted to put trails on the map. May 10, 2022 412
Google Maps users convinced they've found secret rocket hidden deep in desert; After spotting the odd-looking site deep in the Taklamakan desert people think they've uncovered a hidden Chinese rocket, although others believe there's a much simpler explanation. By, Ethan Blackshaw & Tianna Corbin May 9, 2022 426
Terrifying Bigfoot creature spotted on Google Maps -plus seven other creepy sights; Google Street View is a great tool to use when checking directions, but there's also an array of weird and worrying scenes lurking in areas across the globe -if you know where to look. By, Emily Collis May 8, 2022 1488
Taiwan releases online map showing PCR testing clinics. May 6, 2022 339
Man finds out he's famous 'Thanos Guy' from Google Maps from excited neighbour; The hilarious snap of the barefooted dad next to wheelie bins and wearing Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet was already circulating online before Marshall was even aware of it. By, Kirsty Card & Aaliyah Rugg May 5, 2022 394
Mysterious island that appears and disappears on Google Maps leaves scientists baffled; Scientists were confused to find nothing but the blue waves when they went to find the island -a far cry from the land they expected to see, leaving them baffled. By, Callum Hoare & Aaliyah Rugg May 5, 2022 543
Google Earth user discovers 'crashed UFO' on mysterious uninhabited island; The TikTok video shows a Google Maps user zooming in on a mysterious island showing an object that they believe is a crashed UFO -but others are not convicted. By, Aaliyah Rugg May 3, 2022 423
Toyota and Lexus to use Mapbox's technology to deliver new navigation features. Apr 21, 2022 161
Ukrainian tracks Russian troops' movements via his looted Apple AirPods; Vitaliy Semenets' Bluetooth headphones were looted from his home in Hostomel, near Kyiv, and he has since tracked them to Belarus and Russia. By, Alahna Kindred Apr 19, 2022 508
Ukraine claims Google Maps has unblurred previously-censored Russian military bases; Images shared on social media appear to show Russian military bases with Ukrainian officials claiming Google Maps have unblurred them, something the tech giant denies. By, Charlie Lawrence-Jones Apr 19, 2022 367
FRSC Warns Motorists Against Use Of Google Map For Driving. Apr 18, 2022 282
FRSC Warns Motorists Against Use Of Google Map For Driving. Apr 18, 2022 233
Set Google map before driving: FRSC warns. Apr 18, 2022 275
Google Maps 'Easter eggs' and how to find them; They reference famous people and characters from popular culture. By, Kirsty Card & Daniel Smith Apr 17, 2022 578
Google Maps 'Easter eggs' and how to find them; They reference famous people and characters from popular culture. By, Kirsty Card & Daniel Smith Apr 17, 2022 578
FRSC Warns Motorists Against Use Of Google Map While Driving. Apr 17, 2022 261
FRSC warns motorists against use of Google map while driving. Apr 17, 2022 285
OOH Academy, APCON's Workshop Focuses on Google Maps, Location Intelligence. Apr 15, 2022 419
Urban Road Landscape Design and Digital Twin Simulation Modeling Analysis. Yin, Nan; Cai, Minghui Apr 12, 2022 5110
How to date safely online and avoid falling for a Tinder Swindler; Top tips for staying safe on dating apps -including how to avoid getting scammed by fraudsters. By, Melisha Kaur Apr 11, 2022 560
Londoners shocked as man was caught 'pleasuring himself' on Google Maps; The man was caught in an unfortunate position. By, Lea Dzifa Seeberg Apr 9, 2022 444
Google Maps: Ahora mostrara el precio de los peajes, senales de transito y el estado de los semaforos. Apr 6, 2022 296
Legislators approve allowing judges to take 'judicial notice' of web mapping services. Ash, Jim Apr 1, 2022 246
Google Maps users weirded out by strange 'bloody puddle' spotted online; Images of the unusual snap appear to be taken in an unknown field and were posted on the Reddit and GoogleMaps leaving people scratching their heads at the mystery. By, Kurt Robson & Graeme Murray Mar 31, 2022 473
Take a flight over last century. TONY HENDERSON Reporter @Hendrover Mar 23, 2022 608
A century of images from air opened to public. TONY HENDERSON Reporter @Hendrover Mar 23, 2022 452
Historic England aerial photographs give fascinating insight into North East's history; Historic shots of St James' Park, Northumberland and County Durham are among the images that have been made public. By, Tony Henderson Mar 22, 2022 631
Google Maps down, millions of users worldwide face outage. Mar 19, 2022 159
Google Maps goes down with users unable to access navigation; There has been a sharp spike in reports of problems. By, Matthew Dresch & Steven Smith Mar 18, 2022 159
Google Maps down: Thousands of users unable to access navigation app; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. By, Matthew Dresch Mar 18, 2022 246
Google Maps has started blurring dog's faces to 'protect their privacy'; Google Map's automatic software has been blurring out dog's faces on their Street View maps-and people can't help but laugh at the scenes it has created in their neighbourhoods. By, Paige Freshwater Mar 15, 2022 421
Access all. Mar 12, 2022 164
Google Maps shows Vladimir Putin's 'secret' Black Sea luxury mansion worth £1 BILLION; President of Russia Vladimir Putin is alleged to have a £1 billion mansion on the Black Sea. He denies the claims and the Kremlin insists it is merely a business venture by wealthy Russians. By, Benjamin Lynch Mar 7, 2022 496
Vladimir Putin's 'secret' Black Sea luxury mansion worth £1 billion can be seen via Google Maps; The Russian president denies the claims and the Kremlin insists it is merely a business venture by wealthy Russians. By, Benjamin Lynch & Jamie Barwick Mar 7, 2022 475
Experts seek innovation ecosystem that supports start-ups, create jobs. Mar 7, 2022 576
Google disables Google Maps live traffic data in Ukraine. Feb 28, 2022 201
Google disables Google Maps live traffic data in Ukraine. Feb 28, 2022 228
Woman's X-rated pose and other strange moments caught on Google Maps Street View; These Google Street View images have caught the attention of ECHO readers. By, Charlotte Hadfield Feb 27, 2022 477
Google Maps car chased by determined dog who refuses to give up the race; The adorable pooch has been caught running after a Google driver -and has become an internet star, with users saying it's the 'cutest thing on Google Maps'. By, Paige Freshwater Feb 22, 2022 504
Google Maps user flummoxed after zooming in on park and finding kid 'stuck in a bin'; The internet was left feeling a little confused after a viral TikTok video shows a child's head poking out of a park bin -with no clues as to how he ended up there. By, Kirsty Card & Liam Gilliver Feb 21, 2022 378
Streets of fear; CAMPAIGNERS' ACTION CALL AFTER SAFETY POLL Hundreds more women tell of being abused in city. Mary Wright Feb 20, 2022 393
Stakeholders Seek Innovation Ecosystem to Support Start-ups, Job Creation. Feb 19, 2022 579
Google Maps shows abandoned Russian labour camp dubbed 'most depressing place on earth'; Google Maps images at 69°24'19°N 87°38'57°E, show what appears to be the hallowed ground where deconstructed buildings are now grey rubble. By, Alahna Kindred Feb 15, 2022 393
Azerbaijan to ban use of maps with corrupted toponyms. Feb 14, 2022 345
Woman captured on Google Maps says camera 'did me dirty and got me on lazy day'; Google Maps took a photo of an unsuspecting woman while she was standing in a tracksuit on her "lazy day" for their Street View images. By, Michele Theil Feb 11, 2022 298
Chilling Google Maps image appears to show creepy Halloween drug cartel members; A man in a Scream mask and another dressed to look like a werewolf were spotted in Moctezuma in Sonora, Mexico, with some online speculating that they are cartel members. By, Milo Boyd Feb 10, 2022 282
Google Maps capta terrorifica foto en carretera de Sonora (FOTOS). Feb 10, 2022 349
Neuron E-scooters now on Google Maps journey planner in Newcastle and Sunderland; Neuron's electric scooters now show up on Google Maps as a transport option, and allows users to see where they can pick up an orange scooter. By, Simon Meechan Feb 10, 2022 341
How Google Maps reviews work. Feb 9, 2022 472
Google Dishes out Information on How 'Google Maps Reviews' Work. Feb 3, 2022 475
Danger of being sucked into war; DM1ST THURSDAY 27.01.2022 DAILY MIRROR 43 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Jan 27, 2022 600
Danger of being sucked into war; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Jan 27, 2022 602
IHS Towers, UNICEF to Accelerate School Connectivity Mapping. Jan 25, 2022 350
IHS Towers, UNICEF to Accelerate School Connectivity Mapping. Jan 25, 2022 359
IHS Towers, UNICEF to Accelerate School Connectivity Mapping. Jan 25, 2022 360
Remote rural renovation project in a valley so hidden even Google maps can't find it; Secluded spot that is cocooned in the natural beauty of Wales. By, Joanne Ridout Jan 25, 2022 1293
Huge Dover lorry queue so long you can see it on Google Maps amid Brexit check delays; Images from Google Satellite imagery show hundreds of lorries lining the roads around the Port of Dover after months of chaos delaying crossings. By, Abigail O'Leary Jan 21, 2022 361
Helbiz Internationally Integrates with Google Maps. Jan 20, 2022 204
Helbiz Internationally Integrates with Google Maps. Jan 20, 2022 205
Helbiz Internationally Integrates with Google Maps. Jan 20, 2022 197
Google Maps hack allows you to avoid crowded public spaces to reduce Covid risk; No one wants to get stuck in traffic or in a crowd of people while out and about. A new Google Maps feature helps us avoid busy areas -here's everything you need to know. By, Malvika Padin Jan 10, 2022 520
Civilian First Responder mHealth Apps, Interface Rhetoric, and Amplifed Precarity. Welhausen, Candice A.; Bivens, Kristin Marie Jan 1, 2022 8953
PCR tests near me: Clever Google Maps tricks allows you to find nearest Covid test; Trying to find a Covid test centre? There's a handy Google Maps trick which can help you find your nearest one without much hassle -- here's what you need to know about it. By, Malvika Padin Dec 30, 2021 487
Google Maps user spots US stealth bomber over China as World War 3 fears rise; Google Maps users were fascinated at the sight of what appears to be a stealth aircraft flying above crop fields. A Reddit user posted grabs of the apparent plane with co-ordinates in China. By, Kirsty Card & Leigh Mcmanus Dec 18, 2021 512
Less than 2,000 remain without power after high winds. Daily Herald report Dec 17, 2021 190
Map shows extent of the devastation. Dec 4, 2021 239
DOTr wants PH bike lanes in Google Maps. Nov 25, 2021 218
Government wants bike routes in Google Maps. Nov 25, 2021 373
Here's how you can enable Dark Mode on Google Maps on iOS. Nov 11, 2021 329
Wales is still in lockdown and we must stay home; WELL THAT'S ACCORDING TO THE ADVICE IN GOOGLE MAPS. ANDREW FORGRAVE AND ALICE SUFFIELD Nov 4, 2021 314
Mystery as bizarre 'black hole' with three sides spotted on Google Maps; The bizarre find looks nothing like an island and images show it is blacked out prompting speculation about what it is which users pondered over on the social media site. By, Graeme Murray Nov 2, 2021 342
Beaches hit by sewage overflow after heavy rain; MILLENDREATH AND SEATON AMONG POLLUTION ALERTS. ED OLDFIELD @ed_oldfield Oct 30, 2021 602
Woman claims she was mugged after Google Maps sent her along 'most dangerous' city road; The notorious road highlighted on Google Maps was in the El Vacie neighbourhood in Seville, Spain. Police told the woman it was one of the most dangerous parts of the city. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Oct 30, 2021 392
Beauty spots affected as sewage surge hits our rivers and coasts. FLAMINIA LUCK Reporter Oct 29, 2021 863
Tyne sees some of the worst levels of sewage; WATER WAS DIVERTED OFF TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR 2,500 HOURS. FLAMINIA LUCK Reporter Oct 29, 2021 715
Woman flashes Google Maps Street View van with X-rated pose; The woman's cheeky actions were captured by a Google Maps car as it drove past. By, Olivia Williams & James Robinson Oct 26, 2021 370
Woman's topless pose caught on Google Maps Street View; The Google Maps car captured the amusing scene. By, Olivia Williams Oct 25, 2021 314
Saving the planet won't save you time on Google Map's eco feature; New routing option launches in the UK next year to lower your carbon footprint -but it will take longer to get to your destination. By, Catherine Furze Oct 25, 2021 479
Woman caught flashing as Google Maps camera car passes home left topless online; The unidentified woman flashed her breasts through a garden gate in the Dingle area of Liverpool as the Google Maps Street View car drove by. By, Olivia Williams & Ryan Merrifield Oct 24, 2021 551
Geneva announces curbside leaf collection schedule. Daily Herald report Oct 11, 2021 176
Police probe missing Leah Croucher lead after web sleuths spot 'girl' on Google Maps; Amateur online detectives attempting to find Leah Croucher, who was last seen walking to work back in 2019, became interested in a property in Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire. By, Milo Boyd Oct 10, 2021 692
Petrol station near me: Clever Google Maps tricks allows you to find nearest place with fuel; How to find fuel: avoid long queues using Google Maps. The handy tool that can help you on the way to your nearest station. By, Benjamin Lynch Oct 6, 2021 440
Petrol stations near me: The clever Google Maps trick to find out the nearest places with fuel; It comes as Boris Johnson has said the situation is 'stabilising'. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 3, 2021 432
New UN tool maps floods since 1985 to street level, will aid disaster planning, especially in Global South. Oct 2, 2021 1063
2021 Scholarship Winners. Oct 1, 2021 1837
Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube to be blocked on phones -full list; Some users will no longer be able to access the apps and will be locked out of the software. By, Sophie Law & Sophie Goodall & Max Channon Sep 30, 2021 205
Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube to be blocked on phones -full list; Some users will no longer be able to access the apps and will be locked out of the software. By, Sophie Law & Sophie Goodall & Max Channon Sep 30, 2021 205
Google Maps mysteriously blurs image of remote 'nuke island' in Pacific Ocean; A giant blurred blurb has mysteriously appeared over a French Polynesian atoll on Google Maps, with part of the former nuclear testing site Moruroa being completely hidden. By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Sep 29, 2021 395
Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail won't work on millions of phones from today; Some phone users will likely get an error message if they try using some popular apps after today -Google says it's all part of its ongoing efforts to keep users safe as it withdraws support of decade-old Android 2.3. By, James Rodger & Lucy Skoulding & Rachel Hains Sep 27, 2021 338
Walks lead the way to healthier lifestyles. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Sep 24, 2021 486
Man City victim of Google Maps prank after Pep Guardiola's plea to fans; A glitch on Google Maps trolled Manchester City as Pep Guardiola's comments on poor attendance has caused anger amongst his own fans. By, Kieren Williams Sep 23, 2021 395
Public asked to map out areas where they no longer feel safe; NEW HOME OFFICE TOOL AIMS TO PINPOINT PROBLEM AREAS. ASHA PATEL Court Reporter Sep 22, 2021 337
Using Google Maps to Evaluate the Sustainability of Urban Green-Spaces in Detroit, MI. Sep 22, 2021 248
Log on and spot squirrels for survey. Sep 17, 2021 283
YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail to be taken off of certain phones this month; The three apps -widely used by Brits and further afield, too -will be taken off and device operating Android 2.3 from September 27. By, James Rodger Sep 8, 2021 290
Student studying Google Maps finds mysterious 'hole to the centre of the Earth'; Rory Chapman, 12, from Wallasey, Merseyside, spotted an odd location in Wirral on Google Maps and was left speechless by what he found while searching online. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Sep 7, 2021 319
HONORING MY MOTHER | You are here. Sep 7, 2021 491
'Google Maps for graves' to scan 19,000 headstones so families can find ancestors; Atlantic Geomatics surveying company will visit 19,000 grave sites in Church of England churchyards to build a database of resting places -which people can search for free. By, Ryan Fahey Sep 3, 2021 595
Staying safe. Sep 2, 2021 161
Spin collaborates with Google Maps. Aug 18, 2021 160
Johns Creek partners with Airspace Link for drone safety. Aug 12, 2021 158
Johns Creek partners with Airspace Link for drone safety. Aug 12, 2021 169
Saifuddin: App to help users choose best telco services coming soon. Aug 12, 2021 157
Tech savvy duo create map of shops selling essential goods in HCM City. Aug 4, 2021 827
It's shocking; MLAs urged to provide more defib units across NI as 10 are at Stormont. BRENDAN HUGHES Political Correspondent Jul 30, 2021 363
Naperville Park District hosting virtual open house for 2022 capital projects. Submitted by Naperville Park District Jul 30, 2021 244
Naperville Park District hosting virtual open house for 2022 capital projects. Naperville Park District Jul 27, 2021 272
An Online Map Matching Algorithm Based on Second-Order Hidden Markov Model. Fu, Xiao; Zhang, Jiaxu; Zhang, Yue Jul 19, 2021 7574
Wunderite Driving Independent Agents Toward 'Google Maps' Experience: Web-based app collects and centralizes data to streamline processing of insurance applications. Green, Meg Jul 1, 2021 458
iPhone owners DELETE Google Maps immediately after new update. Jun 22, 2021 422
Elderly residents take 'flight' to Italy; Residents at Thistle Hill home in Knaresborough travelled to Italy as party of Italian National Day. Janet Harrison Jun 9, 2021 298
The Google maps images which show what Leeds looked like in 2008 without Trinity Leeds, Leeds Arena and Victoria Gate; The centre of Leeds has been transformed over the past 12 years - as these Google maps images show. Joe Cooper Jun 8, 2021 184
New website launched to encourage green travel in Milton Keynes; A website has been designed to show residents the most sustainable way they can travel around the borough. James Lowson Website overview Jun 3, 2021 326
Worcester hit by Covid rise. May 30, 2021 186
Google Maps expands features including new Live View 'busyness' of area. May 19, 2021 175
Google Maps users reveal tracks of confirmed cases in Taiwan. May 16, 2021 180
Japanese knotweed infestations revealed. May 12, 2021 204
The Google maps images which show just how much Scarborough has changed in 12 years, including Barracuda, Blockbuster Video and The Futurist Theatre; Some areas of Scarborough have been transformed over the past 12 years - as these Google maps images show. Louise Perrin May 8, 2021 234
Finding inspiration. Editorial May 8, 2021 654
Gfinity snaps up Fortnite fan site May 1, 2021 259
Drone Space gets nod for commercial operations. Apr 22, 2021 222
Google Maps shows you the more eco-friendly way to get around. Apr 14, 2021 682
Google Maps captures 'freshly buried bodies in their graves' in chilling shot; Two men are captured lying side-by-side in what appear to be freshly-dug graves in an eerie satellite shot captured in Portland, Oregon on Google Maps. By, Harriet Mallinson Apr 5, 2021 362
APHA tool maps US racism declarations. Late, Michele Apr 1, 2021 204
Traffic indication system devised for Google Maps, claims IT minister. Mar 28, 2021 248
Sindh govt developed traffic indication system for Google Maps, claims IT Minister. Mar 28, 2021 241
Map ideas for walking and biking routes. Mar 12, 2021 183
Locations of Teesside's coronavirus deaths. MIKE BROWN Mar 11, 2021 342
Online maps show real time air pollution in 'worst' two towns. Mar 11, 2021 289
Action plan to prevent distortion of Azerbaijani map approved. Mar 9, 2021 226
Explore Coventry's history in online map; People are also being encouraged to submit their own photos. By, Rachel Stretton Feb 28, 2021 503
'It's like you and your peers are trying to get from A to B, but you're in the dark and they have Google Maps' Law student Alaya Holloway tells Ffion Lewis that she did not realise how disadvantaged she was as a young black woman until she went to university. Feb 24, 2021 1110
'It's like you and your peers are trying to get from A to B, but you're in the dark and they have Google Maps - they know all the tips and tricks and shortcuts' Law student Alaya Holloway tells Ffion Lewis that she did not realise how disadvantaged she was as a young black woman until she went to university. Alaya Holloway Feb 24, 2021 1075
Indian PM Modi Roots For Indian Space Agency's Version of Google Maps. Feb 23, 2021 254
Hrana Gurmana launches website that makes finding quality food faster and easier. Feb 9, 2021 365
The five areas with the highest Covid rates; interactive online map highlights virus pockets. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Feb 6, 2021 438
Homeowner's rude message on Google Maps after their 'request to blur house denied'; An enthusiast shared a screenshot of the property in The US on Reddit which has sparked speculation the homeowner is fuming after a request to blur their home was rejected. By, Joshua Smith & Lorraine King Jan 31, 2021 409
Clusters of over 43,000 schools now on Google Maps with GPS, says minister. Jan 30, 2021 357
Over 43,000 schools put on Google Map: Ghani. Jan 30, 2021 412
Duo dive into new markets; Michael Chapman and Toks Ahmed design extra-large caps for swimmers with voluminous hair - now mentoring with Google is helping them expand their brand online. Jan 25, 2021 557
Super Bowl XX was quite the adventure Rozner: First the ticket, then a call home to Dad. Jan 24, 2021 838
The adventure that was Super Bowl XX. Barry Rozner Jan 24, 2021 844
10 of the most weird and wonderful things you can see on Google Maps; Google Maps was first born in 2005, and was touted as a solution to help people "get from point A to point B". While many of us still rely on Google Maps today to get us to and from our destinations, a fun byproduct of the tool is seeing all kinds of amazing, and weird, things from around the world, via the website's Street View function. Rhona Shennan Jan 22, 2021 389
Map for eateries using Taiwanese pork goes live. Jan 6, 2021 310
Use of Geographic Information System Mapping in the Examination of Specialized Low Vision Resources and Areas of Need in Michigan. Connors, Elyse; Willard, Amber E.; Baker, Kathleen M.; Debiak, Katie; Beranek, Renee; Roodbar, Sam Jan 1, 2021 5573
Now finding a loo is a pees of cake.. Irishman creates online map of all country's public conveniences. AILBHE DALY Dec 31, 2020 290
Tribal districts' key locations marked on Google Maps. Dec 31, 2020 360
Liverpool. Dec 21, 2020 254
NXT by NETSOL Technologies - Covid's awareness smart workplace solution. Dec 4, 2020 244
MP points out Money Map tool to help cut costs. Nov 30, 2020 235
Design, Validation, and Comparative Analysis of a Private Bus Location Tracking Information System. Al-Hawari, Feras; Al-Sammarraie, Mohammed; Al-Khaffaf, Taha Nov 28, 2020 8363
Cash to help update maps. Nov 18, 2020 244
Enjoy a Christmas of Welsh food and drink discovery; The ever-expanding Cywain map illustrates the wide variety of delicious local food and drink available to you. By, Leena Sidat Nov 12, 2020 573
Classic films 'hidden' in Google Map treasure hunt. Nov 10, 2020 228
Watch Britain's favourite films for free in Google Map hunt. Nov 10, 2020 203
The race is on to map 49,000 miles of missing paths across country. Nov 3, 2020 333
Ramblers unearth 49,000 missing miles. LIZA RADLEY Nov 2, 2020 306
Network of paths 'rediscovered'. Nov 2, 2020 246
Ramblers unearth 49,000 missing miles. LIZA RADLEY Nov 2, 2020 306
Church must reject anti-Black misogyny. Segura, Olga Editorial Oct 16, 2020 1092
Join in yard sale. Oct 14, 2020 278
UNICEF, Ericsson to Map Internet in Nigerian Schools. Oct 12, 2020 1098
Ericsson and UNICEF unveil mapping school internet connectivity plan for Nigeria, 34 others. Oct 11, 2020 1121
Government report criticises its handling of city lockdown; Confusion and lack of clear message identified but council praised. AMY ORTON News Reporter Oct 7, 2020 1241
Google Maps to roll out feature to show COVID-19 infection rates. Bang Showbiz Sep 30, 2020 316
Google Maps to roll out feature to show COVID-19 infection rates. Sep 30, 2020 303
Google Maps trick lets you navigate away from areas with high Covid-19 cases; Google Maps' new feature, called 'COVID layers', is the latest in a string of new features designed to make people feel more confident while travelling during the pandemic. By, Shivali Best Sep 27, 2020 329
Google Maps introduces COVID-19 layer to help you track Coronavirus cases around you. Sep 24, 2020 442
United launches online digital interactive map for travelers. Sep 24, 2020 189
United Launches Innovative Online Map Search. Sep 23, 2020 399
United Launches Innovative Online Map Search. Sep 23, 2020 399
Horror moment lorry driver smashes into car while using Google maps leaving woman hurt; Thames Valley Police has released shocking dashcam footage that shows the distracted driver hitting the broken down car and then crashing off the road through the barriers in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. By, Les Steed & Danya Bazaraa Sep 17, 2020 353
Amal Clooney: The world's Most Fascinating Person. Sep 17, 2020 1002
Islamabad hails map triumph over Delhi at SCO. Sep 16, 2020 513
Ericsson, UNICEF Launch Global Partnership to Map School Internet Connectivity. Aug 27, 2020 611
Ericsson, Unicef partner for global school connectivity. Aug 27, 2020 530
Grape way to spend a staycation; SUNDAY PEOPLE * AUGUST 23, 2020 Travel. Aug 23, 2020 201
Google Maps show sked, routes of free shuttles. Aug 14, 2020 299
See what projects are on tap for 2021 in Naperville parks. Submitted by Naperville Park District Aug 13, 2020 241
Naperville Park District 2021 Capital Projects Virtual Open House. Naperville Park District Aug 5, 2020 238
How to share your location in Google Maps. Aug 5, 2020 273
'Zoo' trail all set to be a hit. Jul 23, 2020 303
Flood preparedness scaled up. Jul 23, 2020 438
Give better directions with Google Maps Plus Codes. Jul 22, 2020 441
Palestinian Civil Society Coalitions Call on Google to Put Palestine on its Maps. Jul 21, 2020 712
'Palestine' Conflict Rages, why Google Maps accused of deleting Palestine. Jul 21, 2020 607
Palestine Digital Rights coalition denounces Google maps' digital discrimination. Jul 21, 2020 710
Palestine to sue American tech giants Google, Apple over deletion from world maps. Jul 19, 2020 513
KMA One Acquires Target Marketing to Support Marketing Efforts of Local Businesses. Jul 17, 2020 157
Social media users demand 'Palestine' is added to Google Maps. Arab News Jul 16, 2020 257
India: Politician Akhilesh Yadav mocked for saying Google Maps should be used to probe Vikas Dubey encounter. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Jul 15, 2020 311
Virtual zoo journeys help raise real funds. Jul 9, 2020 592
Ram maps instead of tup sales. Jul 9, 2020 154
PHL, Japan experts partner in mapping of mangroves. Jul 5, 2020 535
Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses on Google Maps. Jul 2, 2020 509
Google Maps and some sticky situations. Jun 30, 2020 385
TECH TALK: Local company takes on Google Maps. Mutaher Khan Jun 28, 2020 777
Bulgaria's Tayaran Jet to launch first scheduled int'l route. Jun 26, 2020 197
Google Maps powers virtual Pride March. Jun 25, 2020 235
Google Maps gives five steps to support small businesses amid coronavirus. Mohamed Alaa El-Din Jun 25, 2020 367
Real-time noise levels now available through online map. Jun 25, 2020 305
Google Maps and some sticky situations. Jun 23, 2020 359
Student Volunteers at University of Texas Help Launch Map Visualising Coronavirus Resources. Jun 16, 2020 178
Iata interactive map gives travellers latest Covid-19 restrictions. Jun 11, 2020 286
Lifeline funding has kept charities afloat; ? Organisations grateful for PS350m of Scottish Government cash to see them through lockdown. TOM PETERKIN Jun 10, 2020 875
Google Maps has a sneaky hidden feature over Loch Ness -here's how to find it; Google Maps has a sneaky hidden Easter Egg over Loch Ness, that features an adorable cartoon of the monster wearing a tartan hat. By, Shivali Best Jun 7, 2020 238
How to use Plus Codes in Google Maps. Jun 3, 2020 379
Assessing the Orange Tree Crown Volumes Using Google Maps as a Low-Cost Photogrammetric Alternative. Marin-Buzon, Carmen; Perez-Romero, Antonio; Tucci-Alvarez, Fabio; Manzano-Agugliaro, Francisco Jun 1, 2020 8711
How to use Google Maps on your next vacation. May 31, 2020 725
Magpie hero praises NHS workers as charity helps cause. May 23, 2020 453
Covid-19 'could spread through Renfrewshire'. EDEL KENEALY May 21, 2020 420
Online aid to find reopened shops. May 18, 2020 178
Google Reveals 15 Best Street Views on Google Maps. May 13, 2020 1038
Stay at home and still enjoy beauty of our coast. May 2, 2020 195
Leverage Label and Word Embedding for Semantic Sparse Web Service Discovery. Sun, Chengai; Lv, Liangyu; Tian, Gang; Wang, Qibo; Zhang, Xiaoning; Guo, Lantian Apr 30, 2020 5134
Taiwan's first transgender government official gets fashion makeover. Apr 28, 2020 377
COVID-19 cases per county. Apr 21, 2020 418
The latest numbers for the suburbs. Apr 17, 2020 433
smarter for 10; even better than the real thing? Marion McMullen explains how to travel the world and outer space without even leaving your living room. Apr 16, 2020 643
Google Maps trick lets you see which restaurants are still delivering near you; Google has launched a new feature in its Maps app to highlight exactly which restaurants near you are still offering a delivery service amid the coronavirus lockdown. By, Shivali Best Apr 7, 2020 277
Google Maps now includes locations of COVID-19 food and night shelters across the country. Apr 6, 2020 475
DOTr offers free ride to health workers using Google Maps. Apr 6, 2020 373
Coronavirus effect: Google Maps now shows you Takeout and Delivery options near your location. Apr 5, 2020 278
Online map of unmarked killing sites during the war in BiH presented in Sarajevo. Mar 4, 2020 570
ThousandEyes Releases Global Internet Outages Map. Mar 1, 2020 439
Google Maps Street View snaps strange photo of 'floating man'; The strange photo was snapped by Google Maps' Street View camera in Bangladesh, and appears to show a young man floating in the street. By, Shivali Best Feb 29, 2020 284
Dubai commuters can now get real-time bus updates on Google Maps. Adelle Geronimo Feb 26, 2020 315
Google Maps Street View users spot sneaky hidden feature over Buckingham Palace; The sneaky feature, known as an Easter Egg, was spotted by one Reddit user while using Google Maps Street View to look at Buckingham Palace. By, Shivali Best Feb 26, 2020 283
Google Maps to show live updates of Dubai bus timings. Staff Reporter Feb 25, 2020 177
Is your RTA bus running late or coming early? Ask Google Maps. Staff Report Feb 25, 2020 262
Google Maps Street View snaps strange photo of 'secret' six-wheeled Land Rover; The Google Maps Street View camera appears to have spotted a six-wheeled Land Rover in Toronto. By, Shivali Best Feb 21, 2020 225
River ferries and Google Maps. Feb 19, 2020 865
Google Maps celebrates 15th anniversary with introducing new features. Sarah El-Sheikh Feb 18, 2020 1781
On Google Maps, Kashmir's status is different for Pakistani and Indian users. Feb 16, 2020 426
Google Maps Street View catches photo of brutal crash between motorcycle and truck; The accident was snapped by Google's Street View camera in Tlaquepaque, Mexico in 2015, and the brutal scene has since been censored on Google Maps. By, Shivali Best Feb 14, 2020 251
Google Maps Street View car has hilarious encounter with rival Apple Maps' car; The awkward encounter took place on 7th Avenue in New York, and was spotted by one eagle-eyed Reddit user. By, Shivali Best Feb 13, 2020 268
Hacking Google Maps With A Red Wagon! Alyssa U, Writer Feb 12, 2020 513
Happy 15th Birthday, Google Maps! Feb 12, 2020 916
Man falls into frozen river and claims Google Maps 'told him it was the quickest route'; The man, who is unnamed, attempted to walk across the frozen Mississippi River over the weekend, claiming that Google Maps told him it was the quickest route. By, Shivali Best Feb 11, 2020 262
Google Maps Street View shares incredible before and after photos of UK landmarks; To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Google Maps, Google has shared some incredible before and after photos of landmarks around the UK. By, Shivali Best Feb 9, 2020 528
A man walked down a street with 99 phones in a wagon. Google Maps thought it was a traffic jam. Brittany Shammas The Washington Post Feb 9, 2020 734
Google Maps update to serve people's need for exploring places, easy commute. Feb 6, 2020 583
Google Maps cycling navigation rolled out in Taiwan. Feb 6, 2020 197
Google Maps Street View catches hilarious photo of two cows getting frisky; One eagle-eyed Reddit user has discovered a hilarious photo of two cows getting frisky, snapped by the Google Maps Street View camera in Jaintiapur, India. By, Shivali Best Feb 4, 2020 289
WATCH: Artist uses 99 smartphones to create virtual traffic jams on Google Maps. Feb 4, 2020 503
Artist uses 99 smartphones to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps. Feb 3, 2020 299
Woman sees grandfather on Google Maps Street View years after he died; A woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, discovered an image of her grandfather using Google Maps' Street View feature. By, Shivali Best Jan 31, 2020 306
Google Maps For iPhone Tip: How To Navigate To Home Or Work. Julio Cachila Jan 27, 2020 437
Coalition Acquires BinaryEdge to Bolster Cyber Insurance Underwriting Capabilities. Jan 27, 2020 180
Coalition Acquires BinaryEdge to Bolster Cyber Insurance Underwriting Capabilities. Jan 27, 2020 181
Deal snapshot: COALITION ACQUIRES BINARYEDGE. Jan 27, 2020 104
Huawei Partners With TomTom To Develop Google Maps Alternative. Amit Nag Jan 21, 2020 278
Huawei Working On Replacement For Google Maps. Julio Cachila Jan 20, 2020 438
Huawei turns to TomTom to help it navigate away from Google Maps. CommsMEA staff writer Jan 20, 2020 287
Taskforce delivers future advice on CAP. Jan 17, 2020 183
Civil defence releases video advising public on flood risk. Annette Chrysostomou Jan 17, 2020 257
Uzbekistan to create online map of pollutions. Jan 15, 2020 185
Uzbekistan to create online map of pollutions. Jan 15, 2020 151
Online map of local governance projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jan 14, 2020 258
Group hopes to shape policy; CAP. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 14, 2020 167
Solving Traffic Congestion. Jan 2, 2020 275
Google Maps Essential Tips And Tricks You Should Know. Nica Osorio Jan 1, 2020 385
Hilarious Tweet From Google Arabia Responding to Rumors of Badria Tolba as 'Google Maps Voice Command'! Dec 31, 2019 412
Engrain Acquires DeliverHere App to Expand Map Database. Dec 23, 2019 198
Engrain Acquires DeliverHere App to Expand Map Database. Dec 23, 2019 201
Google Maps now shows e-vehicle charging station based on plug type. ANI Dec 16, 2019 131
GIS in the Cloud Market - Major Technology Giants in Buzz Again / ESRI, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Zondy Crber. Dec 12, 2019 894
Google Maps iPhone users get incognito mode. Dec 10, 2019 140 Unveils Newly Redesigned Apartment Portal. Dec 10, 2019 371
Google Maps directs tourists looking for popular shopping complex to graveyard. Dec 1, 2019 420
All Seats Taken? Hyperlocal Online Media in Strong Print Newspaper Surroundings The case of Norway. Halvorsen, Lars Julius; Bjerke, Paul Dec 1, 2019 7190
Polynomial-Based Google Map Graphical Password System against Shoulder-Surfing Attacks in Cloud Environment. Zhou, Zhili; Yang, Ching-Nung; Yang, Yimin; Sun, Xingming Nov 30, 2019 5617
U-TURN: Driving With The Aid Of Google Map, Not A Crime - FRSC. Nov 28, 2019 465
Use Of Google Map While Driving, Serious Traffic Offence - FRSC. Nov 27, 2019 735
Using Google Map On Mobile Phones While Driving, Serious Traffic Offence a FRSC. Nov 27, 2019 738
Commercial weed mapping service launched by start-up. Nov 26, 2019 247
Enhanced Outage and Restoration Information Tools Available for BGE Customers. Nov 22, 2019 509
Google Maps Adds New Feature That Allows Users To Follow Top Local Guides. Julio Cachila Nov 19, 2019 450
Teen lost on mountain 'tried to navigate with Google Maps'. Nov 18, 2019 222
China's Geely Technology, US-based Acuitas Capital Acquire 51% of Luokung Technology. Nov 15, 2019 440
China's Geely Technology, US-based Acuitas Capital Acquire 51% of Luokung Technology. Nov 15, 2019 443
Da Vinci Press Announces Release of New Ebook "Leonardo da Vinci Cartographer and Inventor of the Google Map" by Prize Winning Author Ann C. Pizzorusso. Nov 14, 2019 159
Google Maps now lets you manage your public profile. ANI Nov 11, 2019 126
Schneider Electric Announces ArcFM Editor 11.1.1. Nov 4, 2019 607
New Google Maps feature can help prevent taxi kidnappings. Oct 23, 2019 237
Commissioner hears objections to demarcation. Oct 22, 2019 131
'Google Maps exposes 40% of military facilities in Korea'. Oct 20, 2019 480

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