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Digital guage changing the rules in tracking fuel use.

Six years ago, property managers had difficulty keeping track of their fuel oil. It was hard to know how much fuel was actually delivered.

Superintendents had to climb up on the tank with a giant ruler, and fuel oil companies had to handle calls from confused owners who did not understand their invoices. At US Energy Group, we wanted to solve these problems and bring security and peace of mind.

It was clear what needed to happen--owners and managers needed to be able to accurately track their own fuel oil usage. We developed the patented Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, an advanced ultrasonic measuring device, accurate to 1/10th of an inch, to track deliveries and inventory and accurately and remotely measure exactly how much fuel is in the tank.

Perhaps the greatest change in the past several years is the reinforcement of trust between building owners and fuel oil companies. In the past, it was difficult for owners and managers to verify exactly how much fuel they were receiving.

Oil deliveries and the available amount of fuel in the tank were a mystery, as busy superintendents struggled to get accurate readings from sticking the tank.

With the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, owners and managers know at-a-glance exactly how much fuel oil they have available and how much was received, regardless of the delivery company or any individual truck or driver.

Furthermore, this independent verification supports reputable companies, such as Castle Oil and Hess, as well as industry associations, such as the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA), as they reinforce the trust and confidence of owners and managers.

Property managers also track fuel usage differently because of the Verifier Fuel Gauge. In the past, it was hard to know how much fuel was left in the tank. As a result, managers would wait too long to order and then place panicked calls to fuel oil companies right as the oil was about to run out.

Now, fuel oil deliveries are managed much more proactively. Inventory records from the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge can be analyzed using the USE Manager online building management system. With a quick ata-glance look at the fuel inventory report, owners and managers know exactly when to place an order.

In the last several years, we have also seen a tremendous growth in building energy efficiency measures, and the Verifier has contributed to this trend in two major ways.

First, by providing organized historical analyses and accurate usage reports, as well as comparing metrics with other similar buildings, managers can detect and diagnose when a building is not using fuel properly. This can increase the safety of the building by catching repairs early and avoiding a major system malfunction.

Additionally, with the recent emphasis on benchmarking, it is now essential for buildings to accurately track and monitor their fuel usage. The Verifier makes the process of tracking deliveries and reducing fuel oil usage automated and very straightforward.

Since the launch of the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, we have seen increased security and peace of mind. Deliveries are managed effectively; buildings run more efficiently; and oil companies are respected and appreciated for their reputable practices.


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