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Making multiple mutts

Pets provide a fabulous alternative for those of us not willing or ready to go through the legal hoops of having children. Now Genetic Savings and Clone is helping add a bit of security and stability to our alternative families. Their pet cloning service might not be up and running for another year, but the site tells you how to make a DNA deposit and offers a link to a pet cloning project in progress.

Focus on your family

With so much legal maneuvering against gay and lesbian parents (Florida bans gay adoption, while lawmakers in Utah and Mississippi are developing prohibitions of their own), what's a maternally (or paternally) minded soul to do? Visit Gay Parent magazine online, for starters. The information-laden site features interviews, news, and a huge resource directory. It's also an excellent jumping-off point for adoption resources.

Hot Web site

Want to make virtual reality feel mighty real? Wish your computer wallpaper looked more like Wallpaper* magazine? Who better than talented designer Todd Oldham to come to the rescue? Point your browser to and download the designer's "Smile With Your Eyes" desktop theme or create Oldham-inspired E-postcards for stylish E-friends everywhere. With your monitor shimmering in a variety of glam colors, you're sure to be the hippest one on the network.

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Date:Apr 11, 2000
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