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Digital Queeries.

Dotcom politics

It's amazing how much a Web page can say about a person. Take the presidential candidates' home pages, for example. Al Gore's Web site is simple and staid but packed with content. Turn to the "Gay and Lesbian Americans for Gore" page to get the full rundown on the issues most important to you. George W. Bush's site, on the other hand, is a bit funkier than Gore's but never mentions the G or L words. In fact, a site-wide search for gay returns information about campaign volunteers from Gaylord, Mich.

Preachy parody

Frustrated by your inability to conquer those pesky same-sex cravings? Get the help you need to get out of gay at the parody site True Directions (part of the site for the film But I'm a Cheerleader). Start with the "Are you a gay?." quiz and find out what motivates the real you. Should you discover you're one of those in the "cursed lifestyle" (which seems to include everyone who takes the quiz), follow the path to healing: Women learn to "lick lesbianism" while men are taught to "probe deeper."

http://www.butimacheerleader. com/truedirections

Virtual memorial

Visit Honor a Life and create a tribute to someone lost to AIDS by building a screen-size "tile." A simple design with just a name is free; more elaborate tiles are available for a minimum $10 donation to AIDS Project Los Angeles. An especially nice feature is the guest book. After viewing a tile, anyone can leave a note, creating a chain of memories.

--By Eric Mueller. Send tips and URLs to

--By Eric Mueller. Send tips and URLs to
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