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Digital DJ Provides Continuous Real Time Stock Quotes; Affordable Portable Offers Stock Quotations On Wireless Data Receiver.

NEW YORK, NY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 10, 1997--

Editor's Summary:

Wireless, portable palmtop provides continuous real time stock quotations

Based on FM Subcarrier DARC (Data Radio Channel) technology

Customized stock portfolios, programmable up to 127 stock symbols

Lowest price subscription service available for continuous real time


Audible alarm for high/low alerts

AM/FM Stereo radio with Back lit LCD

Digital DJ Inc., of Milpitas, CA, introduced today Wireless Wall Street(tm), an information retrieval service in the New York metropolitan area. Utilizing FM subcarrier technology, individual investors and active traders can now obtain continuous real time stock quotes (in addition to other news services) on the first high speed data receiver with an AM/FM stereo radio.

Wireless Wall Street(tm) utilizes a proprietary palmtop data receiver developed in conjunction with Sharp Electronics and Digital DJ. "The recent market correction was a learning lesson in more than one way," comments Joel Schwartz, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Digital DJ, Inc., "Investors who tried to use the Internet to find stock prices were unable to get through due to the information highway being bumper to bumper. Wireless Wall Street(tm) is the perfect companion for people who demand real time access for stock quotations," further notes Schwartz.

The Digital DJ system is based on DARC (Data Radio Channel) technology which was developed by NHK Engineering. The system uses unoccupied spectrum within an FM broadcast to transmit data. The Digital DJ system was designed to carry a relatively high data rate of 16kps through the subcarrier and works well in mobile environments.

The Digital DJ receiver downloads data from radio station's FM subcarrier and allows the subscriber to program the Digital DJ receiver to report their stock portfolio, sports scores, as well as receive traffic information, news, weather, and local city information. Users can program up to 127 stock symbols, organized into ten groupings. Wireless Wall Street(tm) is able to receive alphanumeric information and graphics. The transmission of the data does not interrupt the audio reception.

Digital DJ Information Providers currently include: Standard & Poor's Comstock (providing real time stock quotes from NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE Exchanges), Associated Press, United Press International, SportsTicker, and Metro Networks and Shadow Traffic. The first subscription service in the New York metropolitan area is Wireless Wall Street(tm), which will include continuous real time stock quotations, sports, news, and traffic.

Currently Digital DJ's Wireless Information Network in the metropolitan area is via the subcarrier frequency 101.1 (CBS-FM). Digital DJ is presently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta and plan to launch in Los Angeles. Services will be available in the top ten markets by June of 1998.


Digital DJ's data receiver and subscription services comprise the following packages:

1. One time fee - Receiver, Activation & Registration: $ 89.00 + Monthly service includes NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ Exchange fees: $62.45

2. Annual Plan paid in advance: $749.40- Receiver, Activation & Registration FREE

Corporate Backgrounder

Digital DJ, Inc., was established in 1991 and began research and development of advanced high speed FM subcarrier applications. In July 1993, Digital DJ and NHK Engineering Services, Inc. formed a technical alliance and jointly developed specifications for the FM Subcarrier High Speed Data Transmission System for the worldwide market. Digital DJ investors/manufacturers include: OKI Electric, Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation, Sony Corporation, Sharp, Shibasoku and Nichimen Corporation. Digital DJ Inc. investor partners include: Nippon Enterprise Development, ORIX Capital, Daiwa Business Development, Sanwa Capital, Fujigin Capital, and National Enterprises (Panasonic Group).

CONTACT: Editorial:

Katie Gallagher

Tel 212 261-2681

Lisa Dawson

Tel 212 261-2691


Joel Schwartz

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Tel 408 941 8500

Fax 409 946 8600

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 10, 1997
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