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Digital Broadcast Corporation Triumphs In Digital Wireless War.

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SALEM, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17, 2004

Digital Broadcast Corporation, Scopus Network Technologies (Scopus), American Digital Technologies II, IRDETO and Comex Worldwide

Join Forces to Target the Digital Frontier

Digital Broadcast Corporation, INC., Scopus Network Technologies (Scopus), ADT II, IRDETO and Comex Worldwide have forged a worldwide digital broadband coalition that is destined to revolutionize the manner in which television programming, internet access, and telephony services are delivered to the average American. Using the most sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art digital broadband communication network ever created, the newly formed digital alliance is preparing to dominate the telecommunications industry through the application of the most cost effective, technologically advanced digital platform ever envisioned. The digital coalition partners span the globe in terms of technological prowess, economic clout and have a proven track record of stellar product development.

The coalition encompasses world renowned communication leaders, providers, broadcasters and operators. Some of Scopus' clients worldwide include CBS Newspath (USA), SES GLOBAL (Luxembourg), Deutche Telekom (Germany), Korean Telecom, BBC (UK), Multichoice (South Africa), France Telecom, Globecast (Europe) and Doordarshan (India) as well as other satellite broadcasters and telco operators. Scopus supplied the digital platform to the 2002 Worldcup games. Furthermore, Scopus has recently been chosen by NBC to supply the complete digital format for this summer's upcoming Olympics. There are over 6 million MMDS/ITFS subscribers worldwide watching superior digital television through the Coalition's leading technology. DBC has been chosen as the sole distributor for this state-of-the-art systems for the United Sates. The coalition has developed a system for the wireless delivery of digital telecommunications systems that enhances existing services at a significant cost savings. DBC, through its intimate knowledge of regulatory and business environments, utilizes the patented and proven technologies of Scopus to redefine the manner in which entertainment and communications services are delivered worldwide. DBC is the first company in history to create a digital wireless broadband operational system in the United States of America. Furthermore, the synergistic effect of the coalition accesses the most sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art digital broadband communication network ever created.

The powerful synergies of the coalition provide DBC with the technology prowess, instant access to advances, economic resources and proven track record of stellar product development of a global company. DBC has the unique capabilities to deliver the most cost effective, sophisticated and reliable digital broadband telecommunications network ever created to the American mass market.

American Digital Technologies II (ADT II) has a full line of engineering services to compliment our "Total Solution" approach.

"This is one of the most exciting business developments based on real products, real demand and real companies with people of the highest integrity that has come along in the last 20 years. It's a winning hand", says Managing Director, Ray Hatch, at Ridgewood Capital Funding, Inc. Ray further states, "We have both domestic and foreign investors taking equity positions and I'm excited to be working with DBC and the alliance. We've been watching this group develop and grow for quite some time now. They are about to hit the ground running. We want to be fully participated in the growth of the coalition. Their model just makes a lot of sense." The combined synergies have produced the most cost effective, most efficient, reliable, robust and secure level of technological achievement. This proven power of multinational strength thrusts DBC and the coalition forces into the prominent digital divide. The coalition also provides DBC,through its vast network of world class network leaders, sustainable and formidable barriers for digital domination which provide further levels of cushion, risk mitigation, sustainability and vibrant economic viability. The coalition's global support carries a solid, worldwide digital platform with instant access to technological excellence which is finally infusing its superior products and innovations into the United States market. The multinational alliance of companies further reduces business risk since worldwide resources can be brought to bear on development within the United States. "Taken to its logical scale of development, conventional cable and satellite providers cannot compete, and, due to the patented technology pertaining to data compression and delivery systems, no viable competition can be developed.

DBC's AirCable unit will be rolling out with digi pick 'em and choose 'em ala carte menu for those millions of subscribers who simply want more choice and freedom. Up front costs have been crushed and any previous analog constraints have been obliterated. The break even point approximates 6% market penetration and with digital subscribers being valued between $6-8 thousand per sub, the value of the metrics are quite compelling. DBC offers customers hundreds of superior digital channels with HDTV quality for less than they are paying for expanded basic wired cable. There are approximately 50 million wired analog standard basic subscribers that fit this profile.

Worldwide, the Scopus components of the coalition have proven to be readily accessible while yielding overwhelmingly favorable levels of consistent customer satisfaction. With the bandwidth now readily available to DBC, combined with its patented super high ratio digital compression algorithms, the full force of the digital coalition can now be applied and impart its mark.

"We've been waiting patiently in the brush for the right time to pounce. Afterall, timing is everything," says Chairman of the Board of DBC, Gary Nerlinger. Mr. Nerlinger further added, "The time for the coalition has arrived. I believe we have strategically positioned ourselves to capitalize on certain rare events as well as converging technologies. I know a lot of dedicated, hard-working people have worked diligently to make this a reality."

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 17, 2004
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