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Digital Brewing System from Curti.

The Curtis Digital Gemini 612ILD Brewing System is equipped with Advanced Digital System (ADS) technology, which uses less energy and helps eliminate brewing errors.

Its sensors keep water at the precise brew temperature. During idle times, Digital Gemini 51 2ILD uses less energy then a traditional brewer.

The Gemini 612ILD also saves money by preventing common brewing mistakes, states the company. Simply select the amount of coffee grinds desired - small, medium or large - and let the "interlocked" Digital Grinder fill the brew cone. The system automatically selects the correct brew cycle on the brewer and "locks out" all other functions.

Brew as many as 400 cups per hour or as few as 12 cups during slower periods. For sites that don't require multiple brew quantities, Curtis offers the Gemini 12D, factory set to brew 36 cups of coffee at all times. Both the Gemini 61 2ILD and 12D brew directly into removable Satellite Servers that keep your coffee hot and allow you to create additional serving stations anywhere. And, operators have the option of setting warmers on high, medium or low heat for ultimate coffee flavor. Both models are equipped with a Sleep Mode that uses energy-efficient pulse heating. When the system is inactive for two hours, the Sleep Mode is automatically activated to conserve electricity.
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Title Annotation:Curtis Digital's Gemini 612ILD Brewing System
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Date:Apr 20, 2001
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