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Digital Ally announces partnership with KMC Brands.

Digital Ally announced a new partnership with Desoto, KS-based KMC Brands. The two companies have agreed to a five-year exploratory venture to develop a validation program that ensures that all of the industrial hemp grown and processed by America's Hemp Academy is certified and traceable from start to finish. Working together, the companies are launching a program that can validate and document the entire process of hemp farming, processing and distribution. Digital Ally's technology will make it possible for KMC Brands to track the hemp production process from the farmer who plants the seed, to the processor that makes the oils and by-products to the retailer or distribution channel. The end consumers will thus know exactly where their hemp-based product was grown and be able to trace the production process. Whether it is a consumable, a textile or health and wellness product, the companies will produce a traceable video to validate its authenticity and they believe this will assist the growth of the hemp farming industry in the state of Kansas. The beta launch has already begun and a full research launch is intended for March of 2020 after the beta results for this year's hemp crops are reviewed.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Aug 5, 2019
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