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DigiLens Unveils World's First Full-Colour Eyeglass For Wearables.

DigiLens--a Silicon Valley start-up and innovator in holographic waveguides used for augmented reality (AR) displays --recently announced the world's first full-colour eyeglass display using robust plastic substrates. The news comes on the back of last month's announcement of the closing of a $50 million round of funding (see HN May 2019).

This latest innovation is forecast to dramatically reduce the cost of smart glasses and other head-up-display devices (HUDs) utilising augmented reality (AR) components, and is a direct result of a partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical. Jonathan Waldern, Chief Technology Officer for DigiLens said: 'with Mitsubishi Chemical, we've designed a high-quality lens prototype from sturdy plastic and glass that can be made at a fraction of the cost.'

The unique plastic substrates involved in this process, whether configured for all-plastic or hybrid plastic-glass waveguides, are fully compatible with DigiLens' proprietary Holocrystar printable nano-composite material technology. This ensures that consumer AR devices have the clearest, brightest and most colourful images possible.

DigiLens' Holocrystal photopolymer is a high-index modulation system. It uses liquid crystal materials and works by creating optical nano-structures within the waveguides that direct and diffract light to produce an inexpensive and highly efficient wide field-of-view for eyeglass and other large format HUDs.

DigiLens has already shown through its AR motorcycle helmet HUD, developed in partnership with several motorcycle brands, that the technology can deliver HUDs small enough for two-wheel applications at a consumer price point.

With this new plastic material, developed with Mitsubishi Chemical, companies can make waveguide displays that will be lighter, less expensive and nearly unbreakable, providing safety benefits for smart glasses, smart visors and other digital eyewear.

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Publication:Holography News
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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