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Digi-Data Provides Solution for Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

T-2000 Controller Delivers High-Capacity, High-Performance Storage

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Digi-Data Corporation, a leading manufacturer of clustered RAID controllers for utility storage, data protection and archive markets, announces its storage solution for the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Digi-Data's scalable T-2000 controller, installed by LH Computer Services, offers flexibility while maintaining affordability.

"Most of today's products are either very low-end or very high-end, but that isn't the case with Digi-Data's solutions," explains Doug Cole, president of LH Computer Services. "Our company was founded by computer support specialists, and we understand the importance of offering reasonably priced products and services to the mid-sized organization."

The Medical Center previously used tape technology to back up its 40+ Terabytes of managed data. It took an entire day to recover the facility's servers, hindering the staff and potentially compromising patient care.

LH Computer Services rectified that situation by installing a dual Digi-Data T-2000 controller with a 48-bay Serial ATA (SATA) drive enclosure, and delivering high-capacity, high-performance storage over Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) arrays. The T-2000, scaleable to support up to 840 drives per cluster with a small 1u footprint, is designed for secondary storage, fixed content and utility storage - perfect for the Medical Center's application.

The Digi-Data solution allows the Medical Center to store one set of data on tape and the other on the Digi-Data disk array loaded with 22 TB of data. The Digi-Data storage is attached to a secondary IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server, configured as a remote pool. The TSM replicates the entire contents of the Medical Center's primary TSM server each day. With Digi-Data's easily expandable system, the Medical Center can grow the size of the solution or add more controllers as its environment changes. Using this new disk-based system along with TSM, the recovery of servers is now less than two hours - a 75% time savings.

"The Digi-Data disk system did the job for us and it was well worth it. We are now able to go back to point-in-time recovery within 14 days and we are looking to expand it to 30-35 days," says Clyde Williams, infrastructure systems manager for Southeast Alabama Medical Center. "We were happy with LH Computer Services as well. They are a great resource for us, providing the technical expertise we need, as well as being very responsive."


Digi-Data Corporation, based in Columbia, MD, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance storage systems and controllers with over 55,000 systems installed worldwide. The company offers innovative solutions with products like the T-3000 Controller and bigVAULT online digital storage services. Since 1960, Digi-Data has engineered its products to the highest standards, combining proven technologies and innovative thinking to continually achieve unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, scalability and ease of management. For more information, visit

LH Computer Services

LH Computer Services is a reseller and integrator specializing in data storage and protection solutions. Established in 1991, the company has been providing world-class storage solutions to its customer base for 16 years. LH Computer's comprehensive solutions draw on the best-of-breed hardware and software from multiple manufacturers. LH Computer Services prides itself on building solid relationships with customers, and works to become invaluable to your organization. Whether the need is networked storage, tiered storage, data lifecycle management, backup/restore, disaster recovery, disaster prevention, or security, LH Computer Services is the reliable source for all of your data storage needs. For more information, visit

Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) is one of the largest not-for-profit hospitals in Alabama with 370 general acute beds and 30 LTACH beds. SAMC is also the largest employer in Dothan, AL, with more than 2,500 employees. The hospital is owned and operated by the Houston County Healthcare Authority. The hospital's central location, as a regional referral center, makes it easily accessible to a region of over 600,000 residents. SAMC has been acknowledged by Solucient as a Top 100 Hospital in Cardiovascular Care. SAMC offers many clinical services and special units such as: Cardiology, Emergency Services, Oncology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Women's Center, Advanced Home Medical, AltaCare, Diabetes Treatment Center, Home Health, Pain Management Center and Sleep Center. For more information, visit
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