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Digestion and nutrition.

Your Digestive System. kid/htbw/digestive_system.html. A chatty explanation of the digestive system with an interactive diagram and video of an upper GI test. In English and Spanish with option for spoken text. Links to quiz, word search, and information on indigestion, constipation, heartburn, and bowel movements.

Your Gross and Cool Body. Among the "gross" topics covered: belches and gas, bad breath, vomit, spit, gurgling stomach, pee, and poop. Drop-down box at top allows you to select body system for lively overview, or click on any "gross" topic for fun facts, Q&A explanations, and audio links.

Learning for Kids. Liquid_Animation/Body_Parts/Digestive_System. Click through a chatty explanation of digestion as Lenny eats a hamburger. Once you've read through the lesson, put the pieces of Lenny's digestive system back in place.

Digestive human_biology/digestive-system.php. Detailed explanation of digestion, written in informal language. Amply illustrated with photographs to reinforce text. Biology hangman and word search games on site. Large ads in center of each page may confuse younger students.

The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective. http://members. afd/? Solve eight nutritional mysteries, then link to online mini-games and activities to do away from the computer. In English and Spanish, with information for parents and teachers.

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