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The Norwegian Army Material Command has recently acquired 30 x 137 mm ammunition for its new CV9030s. The new ammunition, to be used with the 30 mm Bushmaster cannon, was developed in co-operation with the authority from the Norwegian Defence Forces (NDF). The NDF has now placed a firm order with Nammo to outfit its Bushmasters with Multipurpose (MP-T/SD) and Arrow (APFSDS-T) ammunition. Nammo's 30 mm ammunition is of current interest in several export markets, including America.

The German frigate Sachsen, built by Blohm + Voss, was recently undocked and towed to its outfitting pier for the mounting of its newly-developed radar units. The Sachsen is the first of a series of three F 124 class frigates, displacing about 5500 tonnes and carrying ultra-modern weapons and radar equipment for long-range air defence. The Sachsen will be the largest combat vessel of the German Navy and is to undergo sea trials in 2001.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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