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Difficulties in reading and spelling.

DYSLEXIA is a learning difficulty that primarily affects skills involved in the accurate reading and spelling of words.

It is a common type of difficulty that can occur across a range of intellectual abilities.

Symptoms can range to very mild to very severe, including: Phonological awareness - the sound structure of spoken words Verbal memory - an ability to remember a sequence of verbal information for a short period of time Verbal processing speed - the time it takes to process and recognise verbal information like letters and digits People with dyslexia may also have difficulties with mental calculation, concentration and personal organisation, but these are not, by themselves, markers of dyslexia.

According to charity Dyslexia Action, up to ten per cent of the UK are affected by dyslexia, and as many as two to three pupils in every classroom.

Bella Moore, Manager of Dyslexia Action Sutton Coldfield, said it was important dyslexia was identified early so the correct help and support can be provided.

She said: "Dyslexia is one reason why a child might struggle at school, but it is much more than just a difficulty with reading.

"Often described as a hidden disability it can have a huge impact on future success and fulfilment.

"However, dyslexia need not and should not be a barrier to education, opportunity and career progression."
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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