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Differential scanning calorimeters sensor provides increased sensitivity.

The MultiStar DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) high sensitivity sensor is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the polymer market for high sensitivity DSC measurements, according to the company. Said to be unique from other DSC sensors, the HSS7 sensor with 120 thermocouples, measures the heat flow of the sample side and reference side separately. As a result, unlike other heat flow sensors, the HSS7 DSC sensor does not require a homogenous sensor temperature.

Said to be ideal for a variety of critical products, the MultiStar DSC high sensitivity sensor can detect even weak effects, such as those which can occur with polymers. Due to its high sensitivity, smaller sample quantities of products can be utilized.

Heat flows are measured separately on the sample and reference sides, thus a homogenous sensor temperature is not required.

Under standard TAWN sensitivity testing, the HSS7 is said to be five to ten times more sensitive than other sensors. As a result, smaller sample sizes may be utilized and small transitions such as solid-solid transitions can be easily detected. The MultiStar HSS7 DSC sensor is user replaceable and will be available as an option in [DSC822.sup.e] differential scanning calorimeters with Stare version 8.10 software. Existing [DSC822.sup.e] or DSC [821.sup.e] differential scanning calorimeters can be upgraded to the new software and sensor.

This global supplier of precision instruments is said to be the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for lab use.


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