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Differential probe and positioner.

LeCroy has introduced its D500PT 6 GHz Differential Probe Module and Positioner Mounted Tip for its WaveLink Probe System. Designed with a thin form factor and spring-loaded tips, the module is suitable for use with multiple D500PT probes in tight areas such as the back side of printed circuit boards with ball-grid array packaged integrated circuits. The D500PT probe has 2 mm of Z-axis compliance through spring loaded tips, and it allows considerable angular freedom while still maintaining reliable contact with the device under test. A ball joint between the probe tip and mounting arm is said to make it easy to adjust probe position even when the probe is mounted in a probe positioner. A small thumbscrew allows precise positioning of the tip spacing. Altogether, the D500PT allows the positioning of multiple high performance probes in a very tight space. All the active amplifier circuitry is contained in the probe's tip modules. LeCroy Corp.


For more information enter InfoLINK 124-51001-175 at or call 800-441-6180

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Title Annotation:Test & Measurement
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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