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Different strokes: comparing vacations.

Brazil has more cultures, cuisines, and climates than most continents, and its two main cities--250 miles apart--epitomize these differences,
different strokes

comparing vacations

 rio de janeiro sao paulo

basic The romantic, beachy, Brazil's (and South
differences tropical, sexy, wild America's) largest city
 "capital" of the country. estimated at 17 million,
 The best skyscrapers inland from the ocean.
 are the surrounding Often called the New York
 mountains. City of Brazil.

climate Heats up fast in October; October-December tem-
 by December tempera- peratures 70-90
 tures can reach 100 degrees.
 degrees plus.

gay life Go ahead, try to find Someones for everyone.
 someone unattractive on Business-attired execs
 a Copacabana beach. are particularly alluring.
 Carnival (February 21-24) Carnival (February
 and Samba Parade 21-24); Pholianafaria pre-
 (February 22-23) are full Carnival parties. Gay life
 of men and women eager is best on weeknights,
 to meet. Watch the sexy since so many residents
 hang-gliders leap above leave on Friday afternoon
 Sao Conrado Beach and for the country side.
 land at your feet.

sites to see The Tijuca Forest (one of Ibirapuera Park, designed
 the world's largest urban by Oscar Niemeyer and
 forests), the 100-foot-tall Roberto Burle Marx; the
 Christ statue stop Mount Museum of Art; Ipiranga
 Corcovado, the cable car Monument; the upscale
 ride to the peak of Mount Jardins shopping area;
 Sugar Loaf, Copacabana Paulista Avenue and its
 and Ipanema beaches. elegant and cruisy
 Trianon Park.

what to The summer sun, with no Centro (downtown) neigh-
avoid sunblock, after 10 a.m.; borhoods at night; public
 the west side of the city, transit at night.
 the most dangerous (stay
 on the south side).
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Title Annotation:Orientation: dispatches from the editors
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Sep 30, 2003
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