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Different crimes; different criminals; understanding, treating and preventing criminal behavior.


Different crimes; different criminals; understanding, treating and preventing criminal behavior.

MacKenzie, Doris Layton et al.

Anderson Publishing Co.


336 pages




MacKenzie (criminology and criminal justice, U. of Maryland) assembles 14 chapters that examine different types of crime and criminals--infanticide, domestic battery, stalking, child molestation, rape, violent juvenile and juvenile drug offenders, gangs, serial murder, arson, offenders with schizophrenia, and white- collar crime. They cover characteristics of offenders, theories, and critical analyses of research. Prevention strategies and treatment options are detailed as well. The volume grew out of a graduate course on psychology and crime, in which students wrote papers on the literature for one type of crime or criminal; these papers are included. Contributors work in criminology, criminal justice, juvenile justice, and psychology in the US.

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