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Dietary Fat Requirements in Health and Development.

Dietary Fat Requirements in Health and Development

This monograph has its origins in a research conference held in White Haven, Pennsylvania, USA, early in May 1985. It enjoyed the same title as this text and the interchange of ideas stimulated the writing of this text. The twenty authors, who include the editor, cover a wide range of topics and should ensure that further discussion and debate take place. The fifteen chapters carry titles: Suitable fat formulations for infant feeding; Lipid digestion in the developing infant; The effect of dietary fat on milk and tissue lipids; An evaluation of dietary energy substrates; Medium chain triglycerides; Fat effects on fatty acid and cholesterol metabolism; The biochemistry and role of (n-3) fatty acids in the brain and the retina; Nutritional evaluation of n-6 and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids; Parenteral use of lipid emulsion following trauma; Lipids, host defences and immune function; Dietary factors in immune responsiveness; Essential fatty acids and the immune response; Aging and nutritional requirements of essential fatty acids; Lipids, nutrition and cardio-vascular disease in the elderly; and Challenges for nutritionists.

Although at first sight it sounds heavy, this is just not the case. Here is a book on a particular subject area that carries immense interest at this present time. The arguments are endless but we do need to know all we can about fat in the diet, and the numerous references quoted in the book will help to ensure that as many details as possible are to hand.
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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