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Diet and Slimming: 10 top tips to trim a tum; BODY WORKS.

Byline: By Katie O'Brien

HAVE you lost a few pounds, but need a helping hand toning your tum? Don't panic, because help is at hand. By following our 10 top tips on getting your stomach in shape you CAN budge the bloat in just seven days. REDUCE SALT INTAKE

SALT dehydrates your body and makes you retain fluids and the first place to bloat out is always the tummy. Avoid salty snacks like crisps and peanuts. But beware, high salt content can creep into the most unlikely of food stuffs. Many breakfast cereals, cakes and convenience foods can be laden with salt, so always check the label. Remember, you're only meant to have a maximum of 6g of salt a day.


HERALDED by lots of celebs as the ultimate way to shed pounds around the waist, this is an extreme measure. According to reports it gives you glowing skin too. Give it a go if you've got some extra cash to give you a helping hand, but make sure you go to a qualified practitioner. Pick a therapist as recommended by the Guild of Colon Hydrotherapists, found on


THIS takes seconds to learn. Straighten your spine like there is a string pulling the top of your head, shoulders back, suck your tummy in and tuck your bottom under. Having a better posture is the quickest way to give the appearance of a flatter, toned tum.


IN order to stop your body becoming dehydrated and bloating you need to sip your way through between 1.5 and two litres of water a day. This helps flush toxins through the body and stops you retaining excess water.


A CUP of herbal tea counts towards your water intake for the day as it doesn't contain any nasties like caffeine. Peppermint tea is good after meals to help your stomach digest the food and rid you of trapped wind, camomile tea calms the nerves and fennel tea is great for an upset stomach and bloating - as well as aiding digestion.


WHETHER you're walking the kids to school or going for a swim, regularly sucking in your stomach muscles will help you tone up. Try it for a week and you'll be amazed how quickly the muscles respond - and you'll be exercising without even noticing it.


SOME people are sensitive to caffeine which, in turn, makes your stomach blow out. Instead, replace with the herbal teas listed. Cutting out caffeine will also stop dehydration - which causes the body to retain water.


UPPING your fruit intake will keep you regular, banish constipation and help prevent bloating. A bunch of grapes a day will get your insides moving fast due to the high fibre content of their skin. Kiwis, prunes and figs also help speed up the process


RATHER than pigging out at meal times have five smaller low fat meals a day. This will help keep your metabolism ticking over and hunger at bay, and it will stop you overeating at meal times and bloating up


ADDING chilli to salads, stews, bolognese and soups will boost your metabolism. Eating this fiery pepper releases adrenaline into the body, speeding up the rate at which you burn food. This prevents a sluggish digestive system.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2006
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