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Diesel fuel warmers.

There are three options for dealing with cold weather in diesel vehicles. Drivers can use winter blended fuel, winter fuel additives or diesel fuel warmers.

Blended fuels are more expensive than standard diesel fuel. Additives require users to know and understand the cold flow properties of fuel.

Selecting the right fuel warmer requires consideration to installation location, fuel delivery and control. Before choosing a fuel warmer each engine must be checked for its fuel flow rate. Fuel flow rates can vary from 8 gallons per hour (gph) to more than 150 gph. It is also important to know the maximum pressure drop allowed at the fuel pump inlet. It is one thing to warm fuel for a cold start, but another to keep up with the flow requirements of a vehicle under load. Since fuel is used to pull heat from the engine, it is also important for the fuel warmer to have a thermostat to help control the maximum temperature of the fuel.

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