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Diesel fuel (EN 590).

Contract notice for Main service to be provided is the regular supply of batches of 100 cubic metre to 120 cubic metre of Diesel Type EN590 during the WTG installation campaign to the BWII offshore substation. Deliveries are at request by TWB. The supply vessels shall be suitable for bunkering operations and be equipped with redundant fuel pumps. Fuel bunkering shall be combined with the supply of fresh water, the disposal of black water and the transport of other minor cargoes to and from the offshore substation.

The BWII offshore substation is under normal conditions unmanned. TWB will ensure there are qualified operators on the substation during bunkering for supervision and to operate and monitor the substation systems. Communication will be established via the Tetrafunk system of the BWII offshore wind farm. Tetrafunk handhelds will be provided by TWB.

The two substation water tanks for fresh and black water are both 3 mA tank containers. The supply of fresh water is done by means of mobile 1 mA tanks which are lifted with the substation crane off the deck of the supply vessel and onto the substation. Having the fresh water pumped to the 3 mA tanks, the three 1 mA tanks then return empty to the supply vessel and will be used for the next delivery of fresh water to the substation. The disposal of black water concerns the blackwater in the 3 mA black water substation tank.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 14, 2013
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