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Diesel adds to Civic functions.

MAGGIE BARRY explains why Honda's bold decision to buck the trend and put an oil burner under the bonnet of their family hatchback makes great sense as she also takes a look at the CR-V SUV and Jazz HONDA has just made an interesting chess move - putting a 1.6-litre diesel engine into the extremely popular Honda Civic - "check".

Now why, you may ask, in this day and age when diesel is being demonised, should a global company like Honda decide to go ahead and put a diesel engine into a car that has, until now, been exclusively petrol powered? Well, because if you do a lot of miles, you need diesel, and if you carry heavy loads that's what you need.

The other message is that this engine is the cleanest diesel the company has ever produced and it is also powerful and refined.

Honda could have opted out of offering a diesel powertrain but it has chosen not to - and that sends out a powerful message.

What Honda realises - along with many others - is that diesel is not nearly as bad for us as we think, especially the new cleaner versions.

With efficiency rates of more than 80mpg and CO2 figures of less than 100g/km, this diesel engine in the Civic is out to please and it's powerful, too.

It fairly pushes the Civic out and about while remaining quiet and wellmannered.

While sales of new diesels are going down, interestingly, sales of used diesels are going through the roof. Is that telling us something? The new diesel engine fits the Civic very well and sends it powering out in four trim levels - S, SE, SR and EX - offering greater levels of tech, including Honda's Connect Infotainment with APPLECARPLAY and Android Auto.

The rest of the car, which is made in the UK, is the same as the one we have grown to know and love.

It's far more comfortable than the prevous model, with lots of boot space and the kind of exterior features that make it the working man's supercar.

Another cracking 1.6 diesel engine is also available in the CR-V, one of Honda's big success stories and unsurprisingly so. Despite its size - and it is spacious and roomy for family and luggage - the CR-V is an easy and relaxing drive offering creature comforts across the board. The more you drive the more you like it.

It stands well planted, with nice sweeping lights and bold alloys and a decent hatch at the back.

But what draws customers back time and again to this great piece of kit is the build quality. It is solid and everything works.

This car will stand the test of time - and a family - and will still be making you smile when you realise that it is time to change it.

The CR-V comes with an efficient 1.6-litre diesel engine with either 120 or 160hp or there is a 2.0-litre petrol engine offering 155hp.

But if it is a petrol you want then the Honda Jazz with its new 1.5-litre 130hp engine could be what you are loooking for.

Under the bonnet of the neat and nifty Jazz, it works the kind of magic that gets you around town in double quick time.

The Jazz is popular and practical for a busy lifestyle and one of those superminis that is just - well - super.

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Publication:Dumfries and Galloway Standard (Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
Date:Mar 2, 2018
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