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Influence of 3D Printing Process Parameters on the Radiation Characteristics of Dense Dielectric Lens Antennas. Tokan, Fikret; Demir, Selami; Caliskan, Alper Report Oct 1, 2021 6119
Study on highly thermostable low-k polymer films based on fluorene-containing polyetherimides. Olariu, Marius Andrei; Hamciuc, Corneliu; Asandulesa, Mihai; Hamciuc, Elena; Epure, Elena-Luiza; Tsa Report Oct 1, 2021 7229
Nonlinear Propagation of Leaky TE-Polarized Electromagnetic Waves in a Metamaterial Goubau Line. Smolkin, Eugene; Smirnov, Yury Sep 1, 2021 3851
Non-Imaging Permittivity and Temperature Change Detection by Coherent Microwave Radiometry. Utku, Cuneyt; Ari, Onur Sep 1, 2021 7050
2 Approaches to Ensuring Even Copper Distribution: The best designs use the least amount of material possible. Burkhert, John, Jr. Sep 1, 2021 1251
Multilayer Grid Polarizers: Simulations for Millimeter Waves. Yurchenko, Vladimir; Ciydem, Mehmet; Gradziel, Marcin; Koc, Sencer Report Aug 1, 2021 7028
RESISTIVE LOS is Only Skin Deep: Mitigating skin effect's impact on high-speed signals. Hargin, Bill Aug 1, 2021 2933
Influence of polypyrrole nanospheres on the direct current dielectric properties of LDPE. Zhang, Chengcheng; Ren, Qiang; Cheng, Dahu; Li, Chunyang; Yang, Jiaming; Zhao, Hong Report Jul 1, 2021 4148
K-and Ka-Band Planar Spiral Antenna Arrays with Integrated Corporated Feeding Network. Tcheg, Paul; Pouhe, David Report Jul 1, 2021 3985
Wide-Band Log-Periodic Microstrip Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for C-Band Applications. Upadhyay, Kunal K.; Agrawal, Alkesh; Misra, Mukul Report Jun 1, 2021 3050
An Improvised Non-Invasive Method with Clutter Removal for Dielectric Characterization of Terrestrial Rock Samples at S-Band Frequency. Bhattacharya, Anamiya; Putrevu, Deepak; Pandey, Dharmendra K.; Misra, Arundhati Report Jun 1, 2021 6149
Characterization of Dielectric Properties of Non-Magnetic Materials Using Superstrate-Loaded Antennas. Naik, Saininad; Pour, Maria; Hill, Curtis Jun 1, 2021 2924
Electromagnetic Properties of a Babinet-Type Metasurface Composed of Coaxial-Sector Apertures. Gribovsky, Alexandr V.; Antonenko, Yuliia V.; Antonenko, Yevhenii O.; Katrich, Victor A. Jun 1, 2021 3112
UWB monopole patch antenna with two H-shaped slots and dual-band notch for WLAN and WiMAX applications. Abayaje, Furat; Mezaal, Yaqeen Sabah; Alameri, Ban M. Jun 1, 2021 3024
In-situ investigation of dielectric properties and reaction kinetics of a glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy composite material using dielectric analysis. Yan, Shuang; Zeizinger, Harald; Merten, Clemens; Schmauder, Siegfried Report Jun 1, 2021 6378
Polyaniline nanorod adsorbed on reduced graphene oxide nanosheet for enhanced dielectric, viscoelastic and thermal properties of epoxy nanocomposites. Kunju, Rahnamol Akkalamattam Maitheen; Gopalakrishnan, Jayalatha Report Jun 1, 2021 9941
Direct writing polyvinylidene difluoride thin films by intercalation of nano-ZnO. Chen, Caifeng; Zhang, Ruifang; Zhu, Jiaguang; Qian, Xinyi; Zhu, Jing; Ye, Xuan; Zhang, Muyu Report Jun 1, 2021 4133
The Application of Neutrosophic Hypersoft Set TOPSIS (NHSS-TOPSIS) in the Selection of Carbon Nano Tube based Field Effective Transistors CNTFETs. Farooq, Muhammad Umer; Saqlain, Muhammad Jun 1, 2021 4303
New Book Explains PCB Trace Heating and Cooling. Buetow, Mike May 1, 2021 174
Theory, Simulation and Millimeter-Wave Measurement of the Operating and Parasitic Modes in a High Loss Dielectric Loaded Gyrotron Traveling Wave Amplifier. Liu, Guo; Wang, Weijie; Jiang, Wei; Yao, Yelei; Wang, Jianxun; Luo, Yong Report May 1, 2021 3964
Design of Broadband Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna for UHF RFID Applications. Ma, Rui; Feng, Quanyuan Report May 1, 2021 4330
Analysis of Conformal Quad Band Metamaterial Absorber Design on Planar and Cylindrical Surface. Bathani, Nitinkumar J.; Rathod, Jagdishkumar M. Report May 1, 2021 3301
Surface Mountable Multiband Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems. Girjashankar, Pandey Rajat; Upadhyaya, Trushit Report May 1, 2021 2802
An Artificial Dielectric Material to Enhance Patch Antenna Gain. Zhang, Yangjun; Fujita, Yoshikazu Report May 1, 2021 3248
High Gain and Wideband Multi-Stack Multilayer Anisotropic Dielectric Antenna. Moayyed, Farhad; Oskouei, Hamid R. Dalili; Shirkolaei, Morteza Mohammadi Report May 1, 2021 2330
A Miniaturized Fractal Antenna with Square Ring Slots for Ultrawideband Applications. Paik, Harikrishna; Teja, Lanke Charan; Reddy, Mallidi Akash; Reddy, Kovvuri Sai Trinadh Report May 1, 2021 3078
A Hybrid Inversion Method Based on the Bat Algorithm for Microwave Imaging of Two-Dimensional Dielectric Scatterers. Yang, Chun Xia; Zhang, Jian; Tong, Mei Song Report Apr 1, 2021 5324
Transverse-EPT: A Local First Order Electrical Properties Tomography Approach Not Requiring Estimation of the Incident Fields. Leijsen, Reijer; Brink, Wyger; An, Xin; Webb, Andrew; Remis, Rob Apr 1, 2021 5009
First Microwave Tomography Approach Towards a Truly Noninvasive, Pain-Free and Wearable Blood Glucose Monitoring Device. Bakkali, Asma; Buisson, Clement; Mounien, Lourdes; Landrier, Jean Francois; Tishkova, Victoria; Sabo Apr 1, 2021 5938
A Low-F/D Wideband Transmitarray Antenna. Liu, Yan-Fang; Peng, Lin; Wang, Bo; Yu, Wei-Sheng; Zheng, Tian-Cheng; Jiang, Xing Report Apr 1, 2021 2928
Design of Dual-Band Conformai AMC Integrated Antenna for SAR Reduction in WBAN. Hazarika, Bidisha; Basu, Banani; Nandi, Arnab Report Apr 1, 2021 4071
Antenna Using a Magnetic-Slab Located in the Principal Magnetic-Field Region beneath the Patch. Zuazola, Ignacio J. Garcia; Sharma, Ashwani; Filip, Misha; Whittow, William G. Report Apr 1, 2021 6033
Electrical insulation properties of silicone rubber under accelerated corona and thermal aging. Belhiteche, El Hadi; Rondot, Sebastien; Moudoud, Mustapha; Dony, Philippe; Jbara, Omar Report Mar 1, 2021 5697
Design of Low Profile Multiband Reflective Polarization Converter for Both Linear and Circular Polarized Waves. Bikkuri, Surya Durga Padmaja; Alapati, Sudhakar Report Mar 1, 2021 3610
A Low-Profile Dual-Band Base Station Antenna with Antenna on Antenna Structure. Luo, Wei; Ni, Zhixiong; Yang, Yuqi; Yin, Bo; Ren, Yi; Huang, Wen Mar 1, 2021 4766
Quasi-Static Analysis of Scattering from a Metallic Sphere Coated by Radially Anisotropic Material. Iqbal, Muhammad Yousaf; Ali, Aijaz; Naqvi, Qaisar Abbas Report Mar 1, 2021 4130
Full Wave Analysis of Multilayered Cylindrical Resonator Containing Uniaxial Anisotropic Media. Derzakowski, Krzysztof Mar 1, 2021 5937
Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Compact Band-Pass Filter for RADAR Application. Mahant, Keyur; Mewada, Hiren; Patel, Amit; Vala, Alpesh; Chaudhari, Jitendra Mar 1, 2021 2920
A Compact Broadband Folded Dipole Antenna Element with Ball Grid Array Packaging for New 5G Application. Liu, Xiubo; Zhang, Wei; Hao, Dongning; Liu, Yanyan Report Feb 1, 2021 2225
Surface Electromagnetic Waves at Gradual Interfaces between Lossy Media. Smolyaninov, Igor I. Jan 1, 2021 4064
An Octaband Temperature Tunable Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber Using Tapered Triangular Structures. Appasani, Bhargav Report Jan 1, 2021 2587
Liquid-Crystal Based, Beam-Steerable Quasi-Periodic Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky-Wave Antenna with Transverse Slots. Tchema, Rodrigue B.; Polycarpou, Anastasis C. Jan 1, 2021 4444
Contrast in Specific Absorption Rate for a Typical Plant Model due to Discrepancy among Global and National Electromagnetic Standards. Kundu, Ardhendu; Gupta, Bhaskar; Mallick, Amirul I. Jan 1, 2021 6897
Li's Formula Extended to Determine Accurate Resonant Frequency of a Rectangular Patch Antenna in Multi-Dielectric Layers. Biswas, Manotosh; Banik, Sourav; Dam, Mihir Report Jan 1, 2021 5422
A Novel Sensor for In Situ Detection of Freeze-Thaw Characteristics in Plants from Stem Temperature and Water Content Measurements. Gao, Chao; Tian, Hao; Zhao, Yandong Jan 1, 2021 6620
An Efficient Semianalytical Modal Analysis of Rectangular Waveguides Containing Metamaterials with Graded Inhomogeneity. Weng, Qianru; Lin, Qian; Wu, Haifeng Jan 1, 2021 5245
High-Precision Complementary Metamaterial Sensor Using Slotted Microstrip Transmission Line. Samad, Abdul; Hu, Wei Dong; Shahzad, Waseem; Ligthart, Leo. P.; Raza, Hamid Jan 1, 2021 6996
A Miniaturized High-Gain Flexible Antenna for UAV Applications. Yang, Xinhuan; Qi, Yanzhu; Yuan, Bo; Cao, Yazi; Wang, Gaofeng Jan 1, 2021 3059
Design of Microwave Antenna Array for Imaging of Multiphase Flows in Polypropylene Pipes. Alkhalifeh, Khaldoun; Rmili, Hatem; Hakim, Bandar; Sobahi, Nebras; AL-Turki, Youssef Jan 1, 2021 3236
Experimental Study on the Dielectric Model of Common Asphalt Pavement Surface Materials Based on the L-R Model. Zhong, Yanhui; Gao, Yanlong; Zhang, Bei; Li, Songtao; Cui, Hongchuan; Li, Xiaolong; Zhao, Han Jan 1, 2021 4295
Research Advance on the Sensing Characteristics of Refractive Index Sensors Based on Electromagnetic Metamaterials. Wang, Zongli; Wang, Xin; Wang, Junlin Jan 1, 2021 10335
Dielectric Properties of ZnO-Based Nanocomposites and Their Potential Applications. Kaur, Daljeet; Bharti, Amardeep; Sharma, Tripti; Madhu, Charu Jan 1, 2021 16400
A Comprehensive Review of Midrange Wireless Power Transfer Using Dielectric Resonators. Ali, Azuwa; Mohd Yasin, Mohd Najib; Faiz Wan Ali, Wan Fahmin; Mahmed, Norsuria; Kamarudin, Muhammad Jan 1, 2021 7714
Investigation on Dielectric Properties of Press Board Coated with Epoxy Resin, Quartz, and Rice Husk Ash. S., Banumathi; T. S., Karthik; M., Sasireka; Ramaswamy, Kiran; J., Vishnu; M. K., Yuvan; R. R., Kavi Jan 1, 2021 3593
Low Observable Conformal Patch Array with Hybrid HIS-Based Ground Plane. Singh, Avinash; Singh, Hema Report Dec 1, 2020 4678
An Ultra-Thin Non-Resonant Class of Frequency Selective Surface for X Band Applications. Shaik, Vahida; Krishnan, Shambavi Report Oct 1, 2020 3758
Detection of Depth of the Tumor in Microwave Imaging Using Ground Penetrating Radar Algorithm. Selvaraj, Vanaja; Sheela, Joselin J.; Krishnan, Rahul; Kandasamy, Lalitha; Devarajulu, Sasirekha Oct 1, 2020 4416
Test Methods to Identify COUNTERFEIT MLCCS: Electrical and physical characteristics play a role in high-accuracy detection. Chung, Yung-Hsiao; Lee, Cheng-Hsun; Xu, Liwei; Hu, Yuqian; Wang, Zongxuan; Saddow, Stephen E. Oct 1, 2020 5094
A Design Methodology for the Implementation of Planar Spiral Antennas with an Integrated Corporate Feed. Tcheg, Paul; Pouhe, David Report Sep 1, 2020 5214
Analysis of Radiation Field Excited by a Vertical Electric Dipole in a Four-Layered Region. Lin, Zhuhong; Gao, Zhiyi; Wang, Qihang; Li, Yan Sep 1, 2020 3243
Electrophysical Properties of Epoxy Composite Materials Filled with Carbon Black Nanopowder. Buketov, Andriy; Smetankin, Serhii; Lysenkov, Eduard; Yurenin, Kyrylo; Akimov, Oleksandr; Yakushchen Aug 31, 2020 5444
Recycling and Reusing Polyethylene Waste as Antistatic and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Materials. Rahaman, Mostafizur; Ghufais, Ibrahim Abdullah Al; Periyasami, Govindasami; Aldalbahi, Ali Aug 31, 2020 10177
Study of Resistive Thin-Film Coatings for Application in Millimeter-Band Vacuum Power Amplifiers. Starodubov, Andrey V.; Makarkin, Stanislav A.; Serdobintsev, Alexey A.; Pavlov, Anton M.; Galushka, Report Aug 1, 2020 4865
Simultaneously enhanced impact strength and dielectric properties of an epoxy resin modified with EHTPB liquid rubber. Zhou, Wenying; Li, Xu; Cao, Dan; Li, Ying; Zhang, Caihua; Li, Zhen; Che, Fuxin; Li, Ting; Cai, Huiwu Aug 1, 2020 8405
CPW-Fed All-Metallic Vivaldi Antennas with Pattern Diversity for Millimeter Wave 5G Access Points. Karthikeya, Gulur S.; Abegaonkar, Mahesh P.; Koul, Shiban K. Report Jul 1, 2020 3694
Partially Dielectric-Filled Rectangular Waveguide Configuration, Proposed for Broadband and Low Loss Substrate Integrated Waveguides Design. Simion, Stefan Report Jul 1, 2020 3724
Dielectric-Insensitive Phased Array with Improved Characteristics for 5G Mobile Handsets. Parchin, Naser O.; Basherlou, Haleh J.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A. Jul 1, 2020 3471
A Novel Frequency Selective Surface with Two Non-Interfering Passbands. Wang, Chenglong; Wang, Chunyang Report Jul 1, 2020 2843
Compact D-CRLH Structure for Filtering Power Divider. Choudhary, Dilip Kumar; Chaudhary, Raghvendra Kumar Report Jul 1, 2020 3178
Study on Ultra-Wide Stopband Miniaturized Multilayer Frequency Selective Surface with Capacitive Loading. Zheng, Guangming; Zhong, Cuilin; Tang, Liang; Luo, Peng; Wang, Yan Report Jul 1, 2020 2597
A Compact Quad-Port Band-Notched MIMO Antenna for Wi-MAX Application with Low Mutual Coupling. Nikam, Bhakti V.; Jadhav, Maruti R. Report Jul 1, 2020 4922
Dielectric Properties of MWNTs/HDPE Composites in Terahertz Region Studied with Reverse Effective Medium Approach. Wang Zhenqiang, Chen Xiliang and Liu Wei Jun 30, 2020 2878
Design of Wideband Absorber Based on Dual-Resistor-Loaded Metallic Strips. Zhang, Mingxi; Zhang, Binchao; Liu, Xiaochun; Sun, Shining; Jin, Cheng Jun 30, 2020 4020
Miniaturization of Quasi-Yagi Antenna Array with High Gain Using Split-Ring Resonators. Zhou, Wenying; Lu, Mai Jun 30, 2020 3684
A Novel Liquid Adulteration Sensor Based on a Self Complementary Antenna. Rajendran, Jolly; Menon, Sreedevi K.; Donelli, Massimo Report Jun 1, 2020 4991
RF Sensor for Food Adulteration Detection. Menon, K.I. Ajay; Pranav, S.; Govind, Sachin; Madhu, Yadhukrishna Report Jun 1, 2020 1591
A Novel Linear Sparse Array with Reconfigurable Pixel Antenna Elements. Li, Ming; Wei, Haiping; Zhao, Jiahao; Tao, Qingchang; You, Zheng May 31, 2020 5338
Thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of polyimide composites with mixed fillers of BN flakes and SiC@Si[O.sub.2] whiskers. Yang, Yang; Gao, Jiming; Lei, Ting; Yang, Jun; Wang, Jin; Liu, Jie May 1, 2020 4904
The Deployment of Stub Structures for Mutual Coupling Reduction in MIMO Antenna Applications. Hao, Chuanhui; Zheng, Hongmei; Zhang, Jingjing; Sun, Xubao Report May 1, 2020 2634
Structure, Dielectric Properties and Impedance Spectroscopy of BaTi0.97(Zn,V,Ta)0.03O3 Ceramics. Raz Muhammad, Sajid Ali, Yaseen Iqbal, Amir Khesro and Muhammad Uzair Apr 30, 2020 3315
Circularly Polarized Two-Port MIMO Dielectric Resonator Antenna. Varshney, Gaurav; Singh, Rakesh; Pandey, Vinay S.; Yaduvanshi, Rajveer S. Report Apr 1, 2020 3980
2D-FDTD Method to Estimate the Complex Permittivity of a Multilayer Dielectric Materials at Ku-Band Frequencies. Benali, Lahcen Ait; Terhzaz, Jaouad; Tribak, Abdelwahed; Mediavilla, Angel Apr 1, 2020 3359
Numerical Study of the Dielectric Omnidirectional Visible Mirror. Mouldi, Abir; Ayed, Hamdi; Kanzari, Mounir; Khedher, Khaled M. Report Apr 1, 2020 4067
Dual Circularly Polarized Crescent-Shaped Slot Antenna for 5G Front-End Systems. Parchin, Naser O.; Basherlou, Haleh J.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A. Report Apr 1, 2020 2967
Towards Embedded RadCom-Sensors in Wind Turbine Blades: Preliminary Numerical and Experimental Studies. Simon, Jonas; Moll, Jochen; Krozer, Viktor; Kurin, Thomas; Lurz, Fabian; Weigel, Robert; Krause, Ste Report Mar 1, 2020 2285
Terahertz Beam Splitter Based on I-Shaped Metasurface. Pan, Wu; Wang, Xueyin; Chen, Qi; Ren, Xinyu; Ma, Yong Report Mar 1, 2020 3251
Design of a Metalens for Correcting the Phase Distortions of a Hemispheric Dielectric Radome in the Ka Band. Ozis, Ezgi; Osipov, Andrey V.; Eibert, Thomas F. Mar 1, 2020 4468
Solving Electric Current Volume Integral Equation with Nonconformal Discretization and Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury Formula-Based Algorithm. Huang, Fei; Sun, Yufa Report Mar 1, 2020 3054
Dielectric Properties, AC Conductivity, and Electric Modulus Analysis of Bulk Ethylcarbazole-Terphenyl. Bouaamlat, Hussam; Hadi, Nasr; Belghiti, Najat; Sadki, Hayat; Bennani, Mohammed Naciri; Abdi, Farid; Mar 1, 2020 4898
Cells Electrical Characterization: Dielectric Properties, Mixture, and Modeling Theories. Nasir, Nida; Ahmad, Mahmoud Al Mar 1, 2020 11456
Development of Multilayer Partially Reflective Surfaces for Highly Directive Cavity Antennas: A Study. Abdulkareem, Sapna B.; Gopalakrishnan, Srivatsun Mar 1, 2020 5569
In Case You Missed It. Mar 1, 2020 724
Enhanced Dielectric Properties of Sintered MgFe1.98Nd0.02O4 Nanoparticles. U. Rafiq, M. Hanif, M. Anis-ur-Rehman and A. Ul Haq Feb 14, 2020 4098
Monitoring the Dielectric Properties and Propagation Conditions of Mortar for Modern Wireless Mobile Networks. Jawad, Mohammed A.; Elwi, Mohammed A.; Salih, Ethar Y.; Elwi, Taha A.; Abbas, Zulkifly Report Feb 1, 2020 2838
Design of a Compact 5.7-5.9 GHz Filter Based on CRLH Resonator Units. Hu, Shanwen; Gao, Yiting; Zhang, Xinlei; Zhou, Bo Report Feb 1, 2020 3495
A Simple Numerical Solution Method for TM Scattering by Conducting Cylinders Partially Buried in a Dielectric Half-Space. Ozzaim, Cengiz Report Jan 1, 2020 2480
Characterization of PVDF-Gr Composite Films for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Application. Rathi, Vikas; Panwar, Varij; Prasad, Brijesh Report Jan 1, 2020 2580
Effect of Different Size ZnO Particle Doping on Dielectric Properties of Polyethylene Composites. Cheng, Yujia; Yu, Guang; Duan, Zhuohua Jan 1, 2020 6294
Design and Fabrication of a Sectoral Beam Slotted Antenna in SIW Technology for Surveillance Applications at Millimeter Waves. Pavone, Santi C.; Albani, Matteo Jan 1, 2020 5039
Maxwell's Definition of Electric Polarization as Displacement. Yaghjian, Arthur D. Jan 1, 2020 4136
Semicircle CSRR with Circular Slot Array Structures for High Level Mutual Coupling Reduction in MIMO Antenna. Ambika, Arunachalam; Tharini, Chandrapragasam Report Dec 1, 2019 2416
Structure, Transport Properties, and Dielectric Properties of Lactic Acid/Pyruvic Acid Aqueous Solution in a Biofuel Cell: A Molecular Simulation Study. Matsunaga, Shigeki Dec 1, 2019 2813
Effect of Blend Ratio and Compatibilisation on the Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Nylon Copolymer (6, 66)/EPDM Rubber Blends. Komalan, Cibi; Poothanari, Mohammed Arif; Maria, Hanna J.; Thomas, Sabu Nov 1, 2019 3153
Phaseless Microwave Imaging of Dielectric Cylinders: An Artificial Neural Networks-Based Approach. Fajardo, Jesus E.; Galvan, Julian; Vericat, Fernando; Carlevaro, C. Manuel; Irastorza, Ramiro M. Nov 1, 2019 5060
Ambiguity in the Definition of Effective Dielectric Permittivity of Layered Heterogeneous Medium. Serdyuk, Vladimir M.; Titovitsky, Joseph A. Report Nov 1, 2019 3017
A Co-Polarized Microwave Absorber with Dual Mode Resonance Based on Dual Split Ring Geometry for Wi-Max and WLAN Applications. Sen, Gobinda; Ghosh, Anumoy; Kumar, Mukesh; Islam, Sk. Nurul; Das, Santanu Nov 1, 2019 2719
Low-Cost Air Gap Metasurface Structure for High Absorption Efficiency Energy Harvesting. Hu, Wei; Yang, Zhao; Zhao, Fading; Wen, Guangjun; Li, Jian; Huang, Yongjun; Inserra, Daniele; Chen, Oct 31, 2019 4833
Global E-Chuck for Wafer Market Report 2019 by Technology, Future Trends, Opportunities, Top Key Players and more... Oct 11, 2019 449
Engineering Magnetic, Dielectric and Microwave Properties of Ceramics and Alloys. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 104
Two-Line Technique for Dielectric Material Characterization with Application in 3D-Printing Filament Electrical Parameters Extraction. Takach, Ali Al; Moukanda, Franck M.; Ndagijimana, Fabien; Al-Husseini, Mohammed; Jomaah, Jalal Oct 1, 2019 4003
Anatomically and Dielectrically Realistic 2.5D 5-Layer Reconfigurable Head Phantom for Testing Microwave Stroke Detection and Classification. Pokorny, Tomas; Vrba, David; Tesarik, Jan; Rodrigues, Dario B.; Vrba, Jan Sep 30, 2019 4008
Geometric Analysis of Dielectric Failures in Polyimide/Silicon Dioxide Nanocomposites. McCaffrey, Michael; Hones, Harrison; Cook, Jordan; Krchnavek, Robert; Xue, Wei Report Sep 1, 2019 5440
An Improved Algorithm for Deducing Complex Permittivity of Thin Dielectric Samples with the Transmission/Reflection Method. Ding, Minghui; Liu, Yanqing; Lu, Xinru; Li, Yifeng; Tang, Weizhong Sep 1, 2019 3945
Piezoelectric Transducer-Tuned Fourth-Order Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Cross-Coupling. Cao, Liangzu; Wang, Liya; Yan, Junmei; Yin, Lixia Report Sep 1, 2019 3085
Modelling the Dielectric Properties of Cow's Raw Milk under Vat Pasteurization. Abdullah, Suhail N.; You, Kok Y.; Khamis, Nor Hisham; Chong, Cheong Y. Sep 1, 2019 4091
Electrically Small Magnetic Probe with PCA for Near-Field Microwave Breast Tumors Detection. Aldhaeebi, Maged A.; Almoneef, Thamer S.; Attia, Hussein; Ramahi, Omar M. Report Sep 1, 2019 4186
Dielectric Properties of Epoxy-Matrix Composites with Tungsten Disulfide Nanotubes. Bertasius, Povilas; Shneider, Mark; Macutkevic, Jan; Samulionis, Vytautas; Banys, Juras; Zak, Alla Aug 31, 2019 4290
Poles Isolation via ESPRIT for Ultra-Wide Band Breast Cancer Imaging. Abed, Ahmed M.; Al-Zuhairi, Dheyaa T.; Quboa, Kaydar; Gahl, John M.; Islam, Naz E. Report Jul 1, 2019 6763
An Angular Stabilized Frequency Selective Surface by Using Capacitance Layers Structure. Sun, Meng; Bie, Shaowei; Miao, Ling; Chen, Qian; Jiang, Jianjun Report Jul 1, 2019 2397
Side-Lobe Suppression for the Third Harmonic Resonance of Planar Dipole Antennas Using High Refractive Index Metamaterials. Zhang, Xiao-Fei; Wang, Guang-Ming; Liang, Jian-Gang Report Jun 1, 2019 3121
Ultra Wide Band CPW Fed Patch Antenna with Fractal Elements and DGS for Wireless Applications. Majumdar, Anurima; Das, Sisir K.; Das, Annapurna Report Jun 1, 2019 4499
A CPW-Fed Denim Based Wearable Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics for UWB Applications. Chilukuri, Sulakshana; Gogikar, Shrinidhi Report Jun 1, 2019 4472
Broad Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Based on Foam-Filled and One Open Slot on Backward of Radiating Layer. Almuzwghi, Ali Esseid; Brian, Lail Report Jun 1, 2019 3276
Plastic Dielectric Films Market in-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast. Report Jun 1, 2019 1087
Microwave Imaging of 3D Dielectric Structures by Means of a Newton-CG Method in [l.sup.p] Spaces. Estatico, Claudio; Fedeli, Alessandro; Pastorino, Matteo; Randazzo, Andrea; Tavanti, Emanuele May 31, 2019 7666
Design and Validation of an Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna with Additional Slots. Dvorsky, Marek; Ganesh, Harihara S.; Prabhu, S. Sadhish May 31, 2019 3819
Dielectric and Structural Properties of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) and Poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) (PVDF-TrFE) Filled with Magnesium Oxide Nanofillers. Arshad, A.N.; Wahid, M.H.M.; Rusop, M.; Majid, W.H.A.; Subban, R.H.Y.; Rozana, M.D. May 31, 2019 6536
Plastic Dielectric Films Market in-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast. Report May 31, 2019 1100
A New RF MEMS Capacitive Switch for K-Band Application. Wei, Hao; Jia, Shiwang; Zhao, Fei; Dang, Lanyuan; Liang, Guanghua; Xu, Yaxin; Deng, Zhongliang Report May 1, 2019 3431
Electrocatalytic Properties of Calcium Titanate, Strontium Titanate, and Strontium Calcium Titanate Powders Synthesized by Solution Combustion Technique. Jongprateep, Oratai; Sato, Nicha; Techapiesancharoenkij, Ratchatee; Surawathanawises, Krissada Apr 30, 2019 3919
Preparation and Characterization of Printed LTCC Substrates for Microwave Devices. Shi, Yanfeng; Chai, Yongqiang; Hu, Shengbo Apr 30, 2019 2499
Incorporation of COF-LZU-1 into the Terpolyimide Matrix to Obtain COF-LZU-1/Terpolyimide Composites With Ultra-Low Dielectric Constant. Purushothaman, Revathi; Vaitinadin, Hari Shankar Case study Apr 1, 2019 3825
Analysis of Microwave Passive Circuits Designed Using 3D Printing Techniques. Garcia-Martinez, Hector; Avila-Navarro, Ernesto; Rodriguez-Martinez, Alberto; de la Casa-Lillo, Migu Report Apr 1, 2019 2983
Quad-Band Multilayer SIW Filter with High Selectivity and Controllable Bandwidths. Jia, Dinghong; Deng, Jianqin; Zhao, Yangping; Wu, Ke Report Mar 1, 2019 2146
Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) Alloys Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario t. Feb 26, 2019 977
Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) Alloys Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario t. Feb 26, 2019 744
Physical, chemical and sensory evaluation of meat from cobia (rachycentron canadum), desensitized with different voltages of electric shock, stored under refrigeration/ Avaliacao fisica, quimica e sensorial de carne de cobia (rachycentron canadum), desensitizada com diferentes voltagens de choque eletrico, armazenadas em refrigeracao. de Melo, Fulvio Viegas Santos Teixeira; Viegas, Elisabete Maria Macedo; Parisi, Giuliana; Bordignon, Feb 1, 2019 5751
Design of an Implantable Antenna Operating at ISM Band Using Magneto-Dielectric Material. Luan, Zhihao; Liu, Lulu; Zong, Wei-Hua; Jin, Zhejun; Li, Shandong Report Feb 1, 2019 2934
Double-Port Slotted-Antenna with Multiple Miniaturized Radiators for Wideband Wireless Communication Systems and Portable Devices. Alibakhshikenari, Mohammad; Khalily, Mohsen; Virdee, Bal Singh; Ali, Abdul; Shukla, Panchamkumar; Se Report Feb 1, 2019 3948
Higher Order Mode Layered Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna. Abdulmajid, Abdulmajid A.; Khamas, Salam Report Feb 1, 2019 4021
Electroquasistatic Model of Capacitive Hyperthermia Affected by Heat Convection. Chen, Chien-Chang; Kiang, Jean-Fu Report Jan 1, 2019 5730
Surface Wave Suppression in LHCP Microstrip Patch Antenna embedded on Textured Pin Substrate. Roy, Manidipa; Mittal, Ashok Report Jan 1, 2019 3533
Triple-Band Polarization-Independent Ultrathin Metamaterial Absorber. Cao, Hailin; Shan, Meng; Chen, Tao; Lei, Jianmei; Yang, Linhua; Tan, Xiaoheng Jan 1, 2019 3884
A Triple Band Polarization Insensitive Ultrathin Metamaterial Absorber for S- C- and X-Bands. Singh, Amit K.; Abegaonkar, Mahesh P.; Koul, Shiban K. Jan 1, 2019 2841
On the Convergence of Numerical Computations for Both Exact and Approximate Solutions for Electromagnetic Scattering by Nonspherical Dielectric Particles. Yang, Ping; Ding, Jiachen; Panetta, Richard Lee; Liou, Kuo-Nan; Kattawar, George W.; Mishchenko, Mic Jan 1, 2019 13623
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Rheological and electrical properties of carbon black-based poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites. Wang, Jianghong; Wu, Defeng; Li, Xiang; Zhang, Ming Report Dec 1, 2013 4193
TUNABLE METAMATERIALS MADE OF GRAPHENE-LIQUID CRYSTAL MULTILAYERS. Madani, Amir; Zhong, Shuomin; Tajalli, Habib; Entezar, Samad R.; Namdar, Abdolrahman; Ma, Yungui Nov 1, 2013 4816
MICROWAVE IMAGING WITHIN THE INTERVAL ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK. Rocca, Paolo; Carlin, Matteo; Manica, Luca; Massa, Andrea Nov 1, 2013 9327
Investigation of dielectric characteristics and tunability of [Ba.sub.0.8][Sr.sub.0.2]Ti[O.sub.3]. Ramli, Nurhafizah; Sauli, Zaliman; Retnasamy, Vithyacharan; Chin, They Yee; Kamarudin, Hussin Report Oct 30, 2013 2342
Investigation of dielectric characteristics and tunability of [Ba.sub.0.8][Sr.sub.0.2]Ti[O.sub.3]. Ramli, Nurhafizah; Sauli, Zaliman; Retnasamy, Vithyacharan; Chin, They Yee; Kamarudin, Hussin Report Oct 1, 2013 2342
Optimization of a quasi loss less air-cavity inverted microstrip line from microwave to millimeter-wave frequencies and comparison with the coplanar Goubau line at 60 GHz. Grzeskowiak, Marjorie; Emond, Julien; Protat, Stephane; Lissorgues, Gaelle; Deshours, Frederique; Ri Abstract Oct 1, 2013 2838
imec progresses toward 7 nm and below. Nelson, Rick Editorial Sep 1, 2013 730

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