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Diecasting Monitoring and Control Systems.

Tymac Controls' 9000 system offers a range of capabilities from portable, single-machine to plant-wide monitoring with closed-loop process control, management reporting and imaging. It monitors up to 150 critical parameters, immediately alerting the operator and the central computer if critical limits have been exceeded. Display and storage of process information are done in real time with one MTU-9000 master terminal for up to 99 diecasting machines. All variables, control limits and actual readings can be printed, and the system's reporting capability now includes complete scrap, productivity and SPC information. All components are industrially hardened in sealed metal cases with no card edge connectors, heat exchangers or air conditioning required. The LCM-9000 Data Collection Unit is the heart of the system as it can be expanded to vacuum control, tie bar strain-monitoring and closed-loop die temperature control. It also can be upgraded for use in real-time, closed-loop shot control systems.
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Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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