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Die Pseudoklementinen, vol. 1, Homilien, rev. ed.

This volume marks a further stage in one of modern scholarship's more enduring critical projects: the effort to provide an accurate, if not definitive, text of the series of early Christian romances known as the Clementina. The present volume marks the third in a series of revisions of an edition of the Clementine Homilies prepared originally by Bernhard Rehm in 1953 and reissued in an improved form by Franz Paschke in 1969. The present editor, like Paschke, has retained the pagination and lineation of the original so that the text remains substantially that of Rehm. Additions or corrections which might have altered the physical layout are printed in an appendix and indicated by a marginal asterisk in the text. A number of Paschke's corrections have been introduced into the apparatus or text (primarily the former) but, apart from the correction of errors, the differences from the second edition are not great. Paschke has been supplemented, not replaced (110.3, 114.17, 26, etc.). Occasionally, as at 60.11 or 61.26, new readings have been added, but the most significant changes are in the introduction and the bibliography. The latter, along with some citations in the apparatus, has been brought up to date (through 1984, though some older works have been removed). The former has been adjusted to reflect the current understanding of the relationship between the Homilies and the Recognitions. In earlier editions it was assumed that the Recognitions depended in part on the Homilies and this was reflected in the stemma and introduction. Later studies have suggested that the parallels underlying this theory derive from their common Vorlage, not literary dependence. This theoretical change is reflected in the stemma and the opening section of the introduction, but not in the text or apparatus. Like his predecessors, Strecker has reissued an old friend in a new form, and enabled us to read one of the more interesting examples of early Christian popular literature with clearer eyes.

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Author:Vaggione, R.P.
Publication:The Journal of Theological Studies
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 1994
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