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Die Lehre Markells von Ankyra in der Darstellung seiner Gegner.

Die Lehre Markells von Ankyra in der Darstellung seiner Gegner. By Gerhard Feige. Erfurter theologische Studien. Leipzig: Benno, 1991. Pp. xix + 269. DM 48.

For several decades after the Council of Nicaea, most Eastern bishops knew for sure that what Marcellus of Ancyra had said about God was wrong; they were less certai about what was right. Hence reaction to Marcellus was an important element in the development of Eastern trinitarian theology. Feige contributes a useful study of the way Marcellus's opponents saw him and his thought.

In his opening chapter, F. Summarizes Eusebius of Caesarea's arguments in the two works he wrote against Marcellus, Contra Marcellum and De ecclesiastica theologia. This chapter, which provides a 50-page analysis and summary of these two important works, is the most useful in the book. F. shows (despite what has been repeated in manuals of patrology) that the Contra Marcellum is the less interesting work and consists mainly of quotations from Marcellus's Contra Asterium; Eusebius expected the reader to be horrified by what Marcellus had written and saw no need for commentary. The De ecclesiastica theologia is a more valuable exposition of Eusebio's own theological though in reaction to Marcellus's.

F.' second chapter, a history of anti-Monarchian polemic before the Council of Nicaea, is a useful summary but does not advance the argument much. His third chapter examines fourth-century polemic against Marcellus after Eusebius; F.'s position is that this polemic essentially repeats and continues Eusebius's arguments against Marcellus. A final chapter evaluates Eusebius's arguments against Marcellus. F. has made a limited but valuable contribution to the much-needed revision of the history of doctrine and theology in the fourth century.

Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J.

Fordham University
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Author:Lienhard, Joseph T.
Publication:Theological Studies
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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