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The BSI is grateful for those Societies and Members who donate to the Society for our many projects and causes? Well, WE ARE! Thank you, especially in this time of financial difficulty. It is only through your generous giving that we are able to carry out our mission.

Because we want to honor your giving in a special way, we are changing how we designate your donations.

Those Societies or Members who give $25.00 to $100.00 (US) will be designated Bronze Contributors.

Those Societies or Members give $101.00 to $300.00 (US) will be designated as Silver Contributors.

Those Societies or Members who give $301.00 to $500.00(US) will be designated as Gold Contributors.

Those Societies or Members who give $501.00 to $1000.00 (US) will be designated as Sweepstakes Contributors.

Those Societies or Members who give over $1001.00(US) or more will be designated as Best of Show Contributors.

These contributions can be made in any of the many designated funds and can be made by accessing the Donation link at BSI.ORG website. A form is included with your renewal or you can directly mail your donation to the current Treasurer or Membership Secretary.

You should also consider bequeathing part of your estate to BSI. You can write this in your will or add a codicil to your will if you have already written a will. Contact your lawyer to ensure this is done properly and legally. When you have decided to make this contribution, contact the current BSI Treasurer so that we can acknowledge your generosity. Those Members who chose this option will become a member of the Ben Franklin Contributors in honor of Ben Franklin a member of the San Francisco Bromeliad Society who bequeathed a large amount of his estate to BSI in 2007.

Joyce Brehm, BSI President.
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Title Annotation:General
Author:Brehm, Joyce
Publication:Journal of the Bromeliad Society
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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