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Did you eat your vegetables?

Students visiting the website can play games with their pal Goofy, download coloring sheets, print healthy recipes, learn fun facts about fruits and veggies, gauge their "good food" intake, explore organic foods and share healthy eating tips. Disney's definitely done it again with this jam-packed resource, co-sponsored by Imagination Farms, LLC.

The site also includes some of the following tips parents can use to encourage kids to eat healthy:

* My Favorite Foods: Have your child make a list of their favorite foods. Make sure the list includes at least three fruits and three veggies. Then make sure that you always have those items in the house and include them in your cooking.

* Fruit & Veggie Quest: Kids tend to not want to eat things if they don't know what they are. Take them shopping with you and have them pick out at least one new vegetable and one new fruit every week. When you bring the item home, talk about its appearance, flavor, texture and other important characteristics of why they chose the new fruit and veggies.

* Snack Attack: Be sure to have snack size fruits and vegetables cut up in your refrigerator.

* A Family That Cooks Together: Have your children help you prepare dinner.

* Grow With Me: Pick an item to grow in a garden, flowerbed or pot. A tomato works great for this project. Children can help plant the seeds and take care of the plant. This will help them learn about where food comes from and they will value fresh food that they grew.

For more tips to share with parents, visit the parent's section at:

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