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A Look at the Posts Occasional Lapses in Judgment

"We harbor quite definite feelings about the girls in our offices, and we do discriminate. That is not necessarily a hostile act. Discriminate ... says Webster, 'To make a distinction; to distinguish accurately ... also to use discernment.'"

--"Are Women Equal?" July 27, 1968

Cringe-worthy Bonus:

After declaring that women, by their very nature, cannot be as competitive as men in the workplace, our writer opines: "It is quite probably to their credit that women seem so much less willing and able to satisfy the unending demands of the corporation."

"From the point of view of Mother Nature, [protecting the environment] doesn't seem to make the slightest difference. In her bloody, blundering way, she has been lurching along for millions of years, wiping out whole species, drowning whole continents, burning, ravaging, destroying. Our rifles and DDT are puny compared to the forces that annihilated dinosaurs and the multicolored world of the trilobites."

"Let's Spoil the Wilderness," November 6,1965

Cringe-worthy Bonus:

"The most we can do, it seems to me, is to look after our own interests as best we can, and no more consider the feelings of the eagle and the rhinoceros than they consider ours."

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