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Did terrorist leader Yasir Arafat succumb to AIDS?

While world leaders were tripping over each other to offer eulogies casting PLO terrorist chief Yasir Arafat as a statesman and peacemaker, the November 12 New York Times publicly floated a question that many observers of Arafat's mysterious ailment had been asking for some time. In an article entitled, "Secrecy by Aides and Silence by Doctors Persists, and What Killed Ararat Is Still a Mystery," Elizabeth Rosenthal, a medical doctor, broached the possibility that the PLO leader, who died in a Paris hospital, may have succumbed to AIDS.

"Even after Yasir Arafat's death this morning," Dr. Rosenthal's piece began, "French health officials continued their stony silence about exactly what disease killed the Palestinian leader. And so the man who lived so much of his life simply and in the public eye, died mysteriously, surrounded by secrecy."

After noting that "aides disclosed that he was suffering from a low platelet count and had undergone a platelet transfusion," Rosenthal stated that "low platelet counts in the blood are a common finding in a wide range of afflictions, including severe infections, liver disease, end stage cancer and even AIDS." "There are various possibilities about why Mr. Arafat's inner circle would want to keep the cause of his death a secret," Rosenthal continued. "Perhaps he suffered from a disease that they considered embarrassing."

Having thus mentioned the "A" word, the Times did not go further and mention the "H" word or "P" word. As in "homosexual" and "pedophile." As THE NEW AMERICAN has reported in the past, there is very strong evidence suggesting that Arafat was a voracious, practicing homosexual and pederast for most of his life. The most important information on this score comes from General Ion Mihai Pacepa, former head of intelligence for Communist Romania. The Romanians worked under the Soviet KGB to "handle" Arafat, who was one of Moscow's top terror agents in the world.

In his 1987 memoir Red Horizons, General Pacepa recalled reading the extensive dossier on Arafat's many vices, including "homosexual relationships, beginning with his teacher when he was a teenager," and continuing with, "his current bodyguards." "After reading that report," said Pacepa, "I felt a compulsion to take a shower whenever [I] had just shaken his [Arafat's] hand." The KGB monitored and recorded many of Arafat's sex sessions for the obvious purpose of blackmail, to keep Ararat firmly in their clutches. Pacepa wrote that one of his agents, Constantin Munteanu, once reported to him after monitoring a session with Ararat and his homosexual bodyguard: "I've never before seen so much cleverness, blood, and filth altogether in one man." Arafat and his inner circle, obviously, would be highly motivated to keep the PLO chief's perverse sexual proclivities secret from his followers and supporters, most of whom are Muslims.
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Title Annotation:Insider Report; acquired immuno deficiency syndrome
Publication:The New American
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Date:Dec 13, 2004
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