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Did You Get Your BNCW PAC Ballot?

Trustees for the Washington Small Business Council (WSBC) have been busy conducting candidate interviews for a number of important local political races. The WSBC serves as Building North Central Washington's Political Action Committee (PAC).

As such, one of the WSBC's more important purposes is to evaluate and understand the philosophies and records of elected office holders and candidates for such offices, for the purposes of advancing endorsements of those candidates and initiatives believed to best promote the beliefs, ideals and interests of not only the building industry, but small business in general including a commitment to the free enterprise system; the protection of private property rights and a strong belief in government regulatory accountability.

Our PAC Trustees will be forwarding on to the voting members of BNCW's PAC, their recommendations for candidate endorsements in the Primary Election. If you're a BNCW member with PAC voting rights, you will be receiving your ballot via email. We encourage you to take three minutes to complete and return the ballot. Remember, your input is very important!

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Publication:Wenatchee Business Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2018
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