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Iron in the mix: scientists look for the secret behind high-temperature superconductors. Nov 6, 2010 2203
3-D X-rays show nanosized details: high-resolution technology exposes a material's insides. Brief article Oct 23, 2010 204
The hunchback of central Spain: humped dinosaur pushes back the origin of feathers. Oct 9, 2010 309
Hints of altruism among bacteria: E. coli resist antibiotics with a little help from their friends. Sep 25, 2010 428
Biomedical research needs more consistent funding. Excerpt Sep 25, 2010 779
Shrinking moon not so incredible: widespread cliff formations signal reduced lunar radius. Brief article Sep 11, 2010 232
DNA on the move: nanobot 'spiders' learn how to walk. Cover story Sep 11, 2010 2442
Gut flora reflects children's diets: Africans have more versatile and robust intestinal bacteria. Aug 28, 2010 344
Marsupial family tree gets new root; new genetic analysis traces group's origins to South America. Brief article Aug 28, 2010 312
Antiviral gel promising against HIV: topical treatment cuts infection rates in South African women. Report Aug 14, 2010 406
Animal sperm all related. Brief article Aug 14, 2010 117
Sabertooths strong-armed victims: extinct cat's thick forelimbs ideal for pouncing on prey. Jul 31, 2010 331
Evidence for earlier multicellular life: soft-bodied creatures presumed to have breathed oxygen. Jul 31, 2010 473
Gene therapy helps blind mice see: sight restored in cone cells impaired by retinitis pigmentosa. Jul 17, 2010 501

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