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Dick Turnip's U-turn on the pasty tax; LETTERS.

THE "pasty tax party", also known as the Con-Dem coalition, now possess more U bends than Wickes' plumbing department.

Many years ago my most un-favourite boss said to us, on announcing a less than inflation pay rise, "As long as everybody is equally unhappy then I am happy".

At least he got that right, as proved by the last budget which rewarded the rich and robbed the poor, causing mayhem across the nation's happiness index.

Dick Turpin robbed the rich to pay himself so Osborne, who robs the poor to pay himself and his cronies huge tax reliefs, must be Dick "Turnip".

Reduction in the 50p higher rate level to 45p was a stupendous own goal, executed with all the sensitivity and panache of rampant kangaroo in an egg packing factory.

Coupling that with the predictable veto on transaction taxes in the City shows that they will stop at nothing to protect those who fill the election coffers in a frenzied cycle of self interest.

Whatever next? I know - a window tax - that should do save the day George, but not on static caravan windows eh.

Neville Layhe Penycae Post
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 30, 2012
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