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Francois Roche's R & Sie site is at or at least I think it is the practice's site. In terms of content and design it is a real ragbag. Definitely not a model for the smart, young, thrusting commercial practice. One consistency seems to be the use of a typewriter body typeface (whose size, hurrah, you can adjust) for all the text and (often) a Franklin Gothic Condensed Back button. It has a Back button. Yaaay. There is quite a lot of text, essays, lectures and that sort of interesting stuff, much of it in English, and some designs. The fact that in French you can pronounce R & Sie as 'heresy' should give you a clue. Roche is also author of the idea of the viab, a programmable construction assembly robot. Read about it at and click on Lunar urbanism in the list on the right.
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Title Annotation:browser
Author:Lyall, Sutherland
Publication:The Architectural Review
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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