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Diaspora invests in IT sector in BiH.

After more than two decades of working abroad, Biljana Lovrinovic has launched Galop Digital in her native Travnik.

Lovrinovic, with years of experience in marketing and a US-based branding and marketing consultancy, has decided to invest her knowledge and money into a young team of IT professionals in BiH.

'I recognized the opportunity in our country and the ability of young people in my Travnik. Today we have a company that deals with digital marketing and web development, with a focus on US clients, and now we are slowly turning to the European market,' - added Lovrinovic.

Senad A antic escaped to Sweden as a child in 1993, and a few years ago returned and started the IT company ZenDev.

'Our basic philosophy is to care for workers. We try to create a workplace with as little stress as possible, without overtime. The customer network is expanding, we work mainly with the Swedish market, but we are also present wider. Every day we are expanding, we need more staff, we are looking for new people, we are still investing,' said A antic.

Edin Ahmetspahic escaped to Sweden as a child during the war, but returned to his homeland at a young age, where he graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo. Two years ago, a proposal by business partners from Sweden would shift him from law to the IT sector. Together with them, he launches the IT company Propeller in BiH.

'The founders have successful companies in Sweden, one of which is a member of the BiH Diaspora, and have recognized the potential that our young professionals have in BiH. They understand the Scandinavian as well as the global market, so in this story their part is the job of finding clients. It is up to us in Sarajevo to build a strong team and ensure the development of products that will have a gateway to the IT industry,' said Ahmetspahic.

The USAID project Diaspora Invest, through a grant program and technical support activities, has supported a number of successful diaspora investments in the IT sector. There are more and more examples of IT companies that have been launched in this way in recent years and are now gradually taking up their position in the IT world in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to USAID Diaspora Invest Project.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Aug 5, 2019
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