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Diary of disorder.

September 15, 2012: A young child was heard using foul language while in the garden at 2pm. At 4pm Makel was heard shouting at her children with foul language. The children were also heard shouting back using foul language.

September 16, 2012: From 1am until 7am dogs were heard barking through the night. Occupants of the household were heard opening the door and shouting at the dogs to "shut the **** up" and then slamming the door again. At 10am Makel's dog escaped into the street, and roamed around the residents' garden. From 7pm until midnight there was banging and the excessive noise from the property.

October 1, 2012: From 10am until 11.30am a dog was heard barking continuously. From 7pm until 10pm excessive noise was heard, including banging and screaming.

December 30, 2012: From 8pm loud crashing noises and banging could be heard from the house. Girls were screaming and laughing and a man was using foul language.

January 3, 2013: Loud music was heard from 9.45pm to 2am. At 1am a neighbour knocked at Makel's door and asked that the music be turned down. Makel was then heard telling whoever it was in the back bedroom to "shut the **** up there's a baby".

March 16, 2013: From 1am until 2.30am a female was heard screaming and shouting from your home. Outside home there was a group of people fighting, shouting and pushing each other. The people were all drunk and were smashing glass bottles in the street.

March 23, 2013: Police were called to the house at 1.26am to deal with a disturbance outside. Police spoke with those involved, and moved some visitors on.

April 10, 2013: From midnight banging, laughing and screaming was heard from your property. When a neighbour shouted from their window for the noise to be reduced, they were told to "**** off " by a member of your household.

June 23, 2013: At 3.15am laughing, shouting, swearing and banging was heard from the property. Throughout the day from about 11.30am until 10.30pm the music and television were played loudly, and got louder on an evening.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 10, 2014
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