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Diary of a Groupie.

by Omar Tyree Simon & Schuster, June 2003 $21.00, ISBN 0-743-22867-7

Welcome to the drama-filled world of Tabitha Night, where reality and illusion are one and the same. Such is the life of an attractive woman whose no-strings attached relationships with an endless array of rich and powerful men requires her to play many roles. Like everything else in Diary of a Groupie, nothing is what it seems.

Tabitha seems to be a gold diggin' superficial vixen on the prowl for a new conquest. Yet she is also an introspective woman, who is a guardian angel to her foster sisters, reflecting on her experiences in deeply personal diaries.

Just when it seems Diary of a Groupie merely has a formulaic plot of raw sexual escapades and one-dimensional men, Omar Tyree turns up the intrigue. A private investigator suddenly whisks Tabitha away one evening because her (ahem!) skills are needed for a covert operation to entrap a popular actor with a fetish for underage girls. At first, Tabitha rebuffs the offer, yet the lure of money and adventure proves too enticing. A murder, a man from her past, and her valuable diaries--with detailed stories about her liaisons--make the assignment far more dangerous than she bargained for. This is Tyree's tenth novel and one of his most absorbing and spellbinding.

--Curtis Stephen is a stringer for Newsweek and a columnist for Newsday.
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Author:Stephen, Curtis
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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