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Diaper machinery manufacturers review.

Diaper machinery manufacturers from around the world descended upon Washington D.C. last November to exhibit information on their company's products and equipment. At the IDEA '92 exhibition, which took place November 17-19 at the Washington D.C. Convention Center, close to a dozen diaper machinery suppliers were on hand promoting the latest in absorbent product machinery developments. Here's a look at what was highlighted at the show:

* Abatec Srl, Chieti, Italy, was promoting its converting machinery for baby and adult diapers, hospital underpads, baby and adult bibs, sanitary napkins, panty shields and perforated poly film.

* Cellulose Converting, Sambuceto, Italy, featured information on its full line of equipment for the manufacture of baby and adult diapers and bibs, underpads and sanitary napkins, including winged products. Cellulose Converting also promoted its automatic counting and stacking machine, its tri-folding unit and polybagging and carton box packaging machinery.

* At the booth of Fameccanica, also located in Sambuceto, Italy, the company used IDEA '92 to launch a new superthin sanitary napkin production line, Model "Fast." The line includes stacking and packaging equipment. Also featured was the latest in diaper machinery, the "Columbus," which features high speeds and the latest generation of technology.

Fameccanica was also highlighting its "Super Jet" fluff forming system, which has high strength and stability while providing more efficient processing of the material. Finally, the company also had information on its complete line of products such as sanitary napkin, baby and adult diaper equipment and panty liner and elastic waist band and frontal tape machinery.

* Still another Italian diaper machinery manufacturer, Nuova Red Italiana, Gropello Cairoli, was at the show promoting a full line of baby and adult diaper machinery, equipment for sanitary napkins and panty shields, drum formers, superabsorbent and elastic waist applicators and frontal tape and leg cuff applicators.

The company was also talking about the recent joint venture it signed with R & L Engineering, Albany, GA, for the production of training pants machinery. Under terms of the venture, R & L and Nuova Red will share technology expertise; R & L will manufacture in the U.S. and sell to the U.S. and Canadian markets, while Nuova Red will sell outside these countries.

* Paper Converting Machine Company, Green Bay, WI, was mainly concentrating on new packaging machinery developments as well as semi-automatic and automatic diaper machinery, drum formers, horizontal stackers and wet wipe machinery. Also highlighted at the booth were machines for converting baby and adult diapers, rewinders and auxiliary equipment.

* While diaper machinery was certainly a major focus at Tekma Srl, Fiesco, Italy - the company had information on its line of adult and baby diaper equipment and sanitary napkin and panty shield machinery - the company was also promoting a new project in the environmental area. Tekma has begun research on a project for pollution control and the conversion of waste into pellets to be used for energy. The company is currently building machinery for the new process, which is patented. The plan is to take the waste created by the company's machinery and reuse it in the process. Tekma is also working on solutions for used diaper waste.

* Viola Giorgio, Pavia, Italy, promoted its line of machinery with the theme "Hard Technology. Soft Products." The company had information on its lines of adult incontinence and baby diaper equipment, underpads and sanitary napkins and panty shields. In particular, the TMP 0092 baby diaper machine was highlighted. The equipment incorporates a foam elastic waist applicator, superabsorbent applicator, upstanding leg cuff and frontal tape applicator as well as folding and stacking.

* U.S. supplier W+D Machinery Company, Overland Park, KS, was highlighting its latest models of sanitary napkin and tissue machinery as well as promoting its complete line of converting equipment for baby and adult diapers, pulp fluffing and folding equipment.

* The sole Japanese diaper supplier at IDEA '92, Zuiko, Osaka, exhibiting at the booth of the Nippon Engineered Fabrics Association, had information on its series DR 200 diaper machinery line for the production of three different sizes of diapers and its Series NR 600 sanitary napkin machine, which has speeds of 300-400 pieces per minute. Also highlighted at the booth were the company's pulp fluffing-feeding systems, automatic counters for diapers and sanitary napkins and automatic packaging machinery.
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Title Annotation:1992 IDEA Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C. displays innovations in absorbent products machinery
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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