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Diana death driver was not drunk.

AN internationally renowned forensic expert has written to the coroner investigating the Princess of Wales' death, claiming that her chauffeur was NOT drunk when her car crashed.

Driver Henri Paul's blood alcohol levels were reportedly three times the legal French drink-drive limit.

But retired Dr Jim Sprott, one of New Zealand's most respected forensic scientists, believes these results were caused by the nature of his violent death.

He claims that a special phenomenon affects the bodies of motorists and pilots in highspeed accidents, causing their mangled organs to contaminate the blood.

He claimed that Diana's driver Paul could have been sober and that most - if not all - of the alcohol in his body was produced only after he died.

'He may have had some drinks or he could have had nothing to drink,' said Dr Sprott. 'What I know is Henri Paul wasn't intoxicated.'

Because of evaporation, alcohol levels should get lower after death.

But the results of Mr Paul's second sample - taken several days after his death - showed an eight per cent increase in alcohol concentration from the original.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 7, 2004
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