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Diamond vs Cirrus.

I read the report on the Diamond DA50 in the June 2017 Aviation Consumer with interest. Diamond is ambitious and impressive. I also notice that the DA50 has a steerable nosegear.

As a current Diamond DA40 owner who has experienced a pilot seat sliding backward in the seat rails while climbing out (in a Cessna), I very much appreciate the non-moving seats in my Diamond. The airplane came with a three-point seatbelt airbag and overall seems like an extremely crashworthy machine.


As for whole-airplane parachutes, I've given quite a bit of instruction in a Flight Design CT LSA and once found the sky ahead filled with seagulls and wondered if I would shortly need to pull the red handle, but I'm ambivalent about it when I'm flying the Diamond. For me, the cost of servicing the CAPS in the Cirrus was one of the negatives in buying a used one.

Will Hubin

via email

In your recent Diamond coverage you touched upon a pretty important point that could eventually give Diamond an advantage over Cirrus, and that's autonomy.

As you pointed out, Diamond has being flying with an autoland system in the DA42. As a charter pilot who has dealt with my share of skeptical passengers, the idea of an airplane being able to land itself could have more credibility than a whole-airplane parachute, which on the surface is pretty crude by comparison.

Chuck Loeberman

via email

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Author:Hubin, Will; Loeberman, Chuck
Publication:The Aviation Consumer
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Date:Aug 1, 2017
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