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Diamond gunsmithing tools.

Diamond Gunsmithing Tools

How often have you wished for a hand hone that would cut faster than conventional stones? Many times critical surfaces of hardened sears and their cocking piece engaging surfaces require removal of a minutely round break-over edge in order to reestablish a safe trigger pull.

If your customer wants his trigger pull increased, the surfaces usually require more alterations than can be done with honing stones, unless a lot of time is used. These surfaces are in danger of being rounded, thus losing engaging area. I've found that almost the only reliable alternative has been to make a lathe set-up, where with a tool-post grinder can be used to make an accurate pass. This requires that your grinding stones can be trimmed frequently to give "into-corners" contact.

With Eze Lap industrial diamond sharpeners and skillful hands you can do many of these jobs efficiently and faster. In gunsmithing, diamond plated hones and files can touch up and shape carbide tools, small drills and milling cutters. Round diamond shapes can dress up the flutes of costly taps for longer life.

Entire assemblies such as trigger groups must be taken apart to work on them with conventional tools. Now we have handy diamond-coated needle files to reach into hard-to-get-to spots. They cut without pressure exertion, enabling the workman to concentrate on shaping. Neither oil or water is needed. The hardest sears can be cut.

Larger diamond coated pads are ideal lapping plates for flattening hard parts for fitting. Stock making tools such as plane blades and flat chisels can easily be kept sharp. A small clipped pocket unit has a round side which reaches into "U" gaps and other curved cutting faces. Flat diamond hones can be used for the outside of the stocking chisels. (The groove works great for sharpening fish hooks on your day off.)

They will sharpen cutter lands on case length trimmers and the cutter bit on outside neck turners. Many tool, die and machining companies are finding uses for them. They are handy for final shaping of lathe-made custom firing pins, or shaping welds you may have found necessary to add to firing pins.

Diamond-coated hones and needle files are excellent items to stock in your retail department. They will sharpen knives, scissors, skates, pruning shears and many other tools. Fine, medium and course textures are available, color coded for instant bench identity. Entire sets of diamond-coated needle files may be purchased. These products are something gunsmiths can use! They are available from Guy G. Lemieux of Armatt G.S., Inc., 84 Westfield Street, Middletown, Conn., 06457, (203)347-4298. His firm also has some Hi-Standard gun parts. Another source of diamond-coated products is Diamond Machining Technology, Inc., makers of diamond hones, files, sanding disks and diamond coated shimstock, all in three different grits. The shimstock can be used like emery paper and can be cut with scissors to the desired size. DMT can be reached at: 85 Hayes Memorial Drive, Marlborough, Mass., 01752-1892, (508)481-5944.
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Author:Schumaker, William
Publication:Shooting Industry
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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