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Diamond Walnut cuts hourly pay rates.

In Stockton, CA, 3 months of intense negotiations between Diamond Walnut Growers Inc. and Local 601 of the Cannery Workers resulted in a settlement that cut hourly pay rates by as much as 43 percent. The new rates range from $5.25 to $12 for nonseasonal workers, compared with the former $8.43 to $14.08; and $4 to $11 for seasonal workers, compared with the old scale of $7 to $14. Medical and dental benefits also were terminated for part-time and seasonal workers and all other workers will be required to pay a higher percentage of their medical care premiums.

Officials of the producer's cooperative had contended that the concessions were necessary to bring operating costs into line with smaller independent processors. In February, the cooperative opened a plant in Tijuana, Mexico, that led to a cut of 100 jobs at the Stockton plant. At the Tijuana plant, most workers reportedly earn the equivalent of $1.10 to $2.50 an hour.

Terms favorable to the workers included a one-time bonus of $2,000-$11,000, varying by seniority, and a guarantee that the number of workers receiving "full-time" benefits will not drop below 300.

The Cannery Workers union is an affiliate of the Teamsters union.
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Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Oct 1, 1985
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