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Diamond Multimedia to bundle Papyrus' "NASCAR Racing" with Edge 3D multimedia accelerator.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 25, 1995--Diamond Multimedia Inc. (NASDAQ:DIMD) has announced an agreement with Papyrus Design Group Inc. to bundle an enhanced Windows version of its award-winning "NASCAR Racing" with the Diamond Edge 3D multimedia accelerator when it begins shipping in late October.

Diamond's line of Edge 3D multimedia accelerators integrate 3D, 2D, full-motion digital video and hardware wavetable audio to create exciting new interactive entertainment experiences on Windows 95 PCs. Prices for Diamond's line of Edge 3D multimedia accelerators start at $249 - $299.

Papyrus' "NASCAR Racing" captures all the realism of racing a 680-horsepower stock car at 180 mph on nine NASCAR Winston Cup race tracks, pitting the player against some of the sport's top drivers and teams. Diamond and NVIDIA Corp., provider of the silicon technology used on the Edge 3D multimedia accelerator, worked closely with Papyrus to create a faster, more realistic version of the award-winning title for the ultimate stock car racing experience on the PC.

Faster Action

The Diamond Edge 3D version of "NASCAR Racing" runs at double the frame rate under Windows in higher resolution and color depths than on the original DOS version of the game, providing for faster racing action, intense 3D graphics and colorful, realistic detail.

High-Quality Sound

Integrated into the Diamond Edge 3D is a high-fidelity wavetable audio engine that allows game developers to provide custom samples mixed in hardware for exciting sound and MIDI effects tailored to each individual game. With Edge 3D's hardware wavetable audio feature, "NASCAR Racing's" digital sound effects, including engine, skidding and pit noises, are mixed in the hardware, freeing up the CPU to handle other tasks.

Special Effects

In addition to real-time rendering of 3D graphics, Diamond's Edge 3D multimedia accelerator's 3D engine allows developers to create fascinating special effects. In the Edge 3D version of "NASCAR Racing," Papyrus used alpha blending to create translucent smoke and dust and quadratic texture maps (QTM) for perspective correction, adding realism to the simulation and car crashes.

"Diamond's Edge 3D multimedia accelerator integrates all the features developers need to create the next generation of arcade-style games for the PC -- photo-realistic 3D graphics, fast 2D graphics, high-fidelity audio and full-motion digital video," said Ken Wirt, vice president of marketing for Diamond Multimedia.

"We're excited about showcasing this new enhanced version of Papyrus' `NASCAR Racing' and are delighted about offering gamers this exciting title in the box with the Diamond Edge 3D."

"The enhanced features offered through the Edge 3D have allowed us to create an incredible stock car racing experience on the PC," said David Kaemmer, chief technical officer at Papyrus. "The spectacular frame rates, high resolution and hardware digitally mixed sound combine to give players a `white knuckle' racing experience."

The DRAM version of the Diamond Edge 3D, based on SGS Thomson's STG2000 media accelerator chip with NVIDIA's NV1 technology, is available for PCI-bus in 1MB upgradable to 2MB (the Diamond Edge 3D 2120XL) or 2MB standard (the Diamond Edge 3D 2200XL.) The VRAM configuration, based on NVIDIA Corp.'s NV1 media accelerator chip, is available for PCI in 2MB upgradable to 4MB (the Diamond Edge 3D 3240XL) or 4MB standard (the Diamond Edge 3D 3400XL.)

Diamond estimates pricing for the 2000 series to start at $249 to $299 and for the 3000 series to start at $399 to $449. The Diamond Edge 3D will be available through OEMs, nationwide distributors and at most major computer retail outlets.

Papyrus Design Group Inc., established in 1987, is an entertainment software developer and publisher specializing in highly realistic, graphically intense, fully licensed racing simulations.

Its first simulation, "Indianapolis 500: The Simulation," was published by Electronic Arts in 1989. The company's flagship game, "IndyCar Racing," was released in November 1993 and has garnered multiple top industry awards. "NASCAR Racing," released in November 1994, is the company's third award-winning production.

Diamond Multimedia Systems designs, manufactures and markets high-performance multimedia solutions for the PC, PowerPC and PCI Power Macintosh markets. Products include graphics and multimedia accelerators, which incorporate graphics, video and MPEG acceleration in a single subsystem.

Diamond also manufactures sound cards, audio/telephony subsystems and multimedia upgrade kits for the personal computer market.

With headquarters in San Jose, Diamond has marketing and technical support facilities in Tokyo, Munich and Slough (U.K.) The company's products are sold through regional, national and international distributors as well as to major computer retailers, mass merchants and OEMs worldwide. Diamond's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol DIMD. -0-

How to Contact Diamond Multimedia

There are many ways to reach Diamond for sales support, technical assistance, driver updates and general information:

The main phone number is 408/325-7000, fax: 408/325-7070 Product support voice: 408/325-7100; Product support fax: 408/325-7171 24-hour fax on demand service: 800/380-0030 America Online (Keyword: DIAMOND) CompuServe (GO DMNDONLINE or GO GRAPHBVEN)(75300,3673) Microsoft Network: GOTO DIAMONDONLINE Internet Web site: FTP site: For information on Diamond products: 800/468-5846 BBS numbers at 408/325-7080 (to 14.4K baud) or 408/325-7175 (to 28.8K baud)

-0- Note to Editors: Diamond Edge is a trademark of Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. Papyrus is a trademark of Papyrus Design Group Inc. NASCAR Racing is officially licensed by NASCAR. IndyCar is a trademark of The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp., under exclusive license to the Championship Auto Racing Teams Inc.

CONTACT: Diamond Multimedia

Kim Stowe, 408/325-7204



Faiola Davis Public Relations

Heidi Davis, Sara Faiola, 213/933-4959



Papyrus Design Group Inc.

AnneMarie Gianantoni, 617/868-5440, Ext. 165
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Date:Sep 25, 1995
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