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Diamond Lane Ships Release 3.0 of the Speedlink System Reaching Largest Addressable Market in the DSL Industry; DSL Pioneer Meets Deadline and Ships Upgrade on Time!

PETALUMA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 16, 1998--Diamond Lane(R) Communications, the leading supplier of the most comprehensive suite of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) products and services in the industry, including the broadest selection of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), multiple modular remote solutions and the most robust Network Element Management System, today announces it is shipping Release 3.0 for its Speedlink(tm) System.

Release 3.0 contains many innovative new options, continuing the expansion of Diamond Lane's multi-service, ATM over ADSL capabilities of the Speedlink Access Multiplexer. All of these new capabilities are commercially available and shipping today.

With this release, Diamond Lane adds ADSL/DMT and IDSL line cards and doubles the density of previously announced ADSL/CAP line cards. The Speedlink System is now the most flexible platform, offering the broadest selection of DSL options (ADSL DMT, ADSL CAP, SDSL and IDSL) in the industry. Additionally, Release 3.0 features include an OC-3c Trunk interface card, a Cabinet-based Remote Line Card Shelf, the ETSI-compliant Speedlink SLM 1700i Multiplexer for the international market and Speedlink's new Link ID Control Module.

Speedlink 3.0 allows a service provider to simultaneously offer all popular DSL modulation technologies, providing both symmetrical and asymmetrical services in varying speeds from 64 Kb/s to >8Mb/s, on the same line card shelf. Diamond Lane also provides a Remote Line Card Shelf that is environmentally hardened for outdoor cabinets. The Speedlink System can integrate easily into embedded access networks with or without Digital Loop Carriers. These upgrades allow service providers to now offer cost-effective, reliable service to outlying areas.

Diamond Lane's DMT4 quad ADSL line card is ANSI T1.413 compliant as well as being software upgradable to incorporate the emerging G.lite/splitterless DSL standard. This quad DMT line card makes the Speedlink multiplexer the highest density ADSL access system commercially available today.

Diamond Lane also offers a high density CAP4 quad line card with an open interface, full rate-adaptive capability and twice the density of the current CAP2 card. With this upgrade, service providers that use CAP can double the line capacity of a seven-foot bay and pass on the cost savings to the end-user.

Diamond Lane has introduced an IDSL8 octal line card, which employs the ISDN basic rate 2B1Q line code to provide dedicated data access at up to 144Kbps. With Speedlink 3.0, service providers can now offer high-speed data services to outlying areas through ISDN-capable digital loop carrier systems.

Release 3.0 of the Speedlink System adds the option of an OC-3c ATM Trunk that is SONET T1.105 compliant. This increases the data rate to 155Mb/s -- three times the speed of the current DS3 ATM trunk card -- to support larger system capacity as the full scalability of in-service Speedlink Systems is achieved.

With the Link ID Control Module, a signal is sent (in the voice frequency band) across active data-only ADSL lines, eliminating accidental disconnects of data-only ADSL transmission by Telco line technicians. In the past, ADSL line transmission of 25,000 Hz and above could not be easily recognized as the signal is outside of the voice range commonly tested by Telcos and other service providers.

For international markets, Diamond Lane has developed the Speedlink SLM 1700i Multiplexer with an STM1 ATM trunk interface that is ETSI-compliant and meets the ITU-T standards. With this development, the Speedlink System is now commercially available worldwide.

"The addition of DMT and IDSL to the Speedlink System gives service providers the ability to address multiple segments of the DSL market with one platform," says Lee Doyle, Vice President of International Data Corporation. "These enhancements to the Speedlink System address two key service provider concerns: increased density and the ability to offer DSL service to the broadest possible geographic area."

"Diamond Lane is delivering on our promise to address the growing needs of our customers by providing timely enhancements to our Speedlink System," says Jerry Parrick, CEO of Diamond Lane. "DLCC has an exceptional track record for delivering on time. This has enabled our customers to be the first to commercially and successfully deploy DSL in the United States. Diamond Lane is focused on DSL innovation and will continue to lead the marketplace with technological advances in future Speedlink System upgrades."

"Our current offering of four different DSL line cards (ADSL-CAP, ADSL-DMT, SDSL and IDSL) exceeds the repertoire of any other competing system and it's just the beginning. We will be offering a host of additional value-added service interfaces in the near future that will help service providers successfully meet the needs of this growing and fast moving market," said Parrick.

Technology Background

Diamond Lane Communications, a member of the Universal ADSL Working Group (UAWG), was the first supplier to commercially offer an ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) based, multi-service, digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM). The company markets the Speedlink DSL-ATM system, which enables users to move data 200 times faster than with conventional modems. The multi-service Speedlink system supports ADSL: DMT (Discrete MultiTone), CAP (Carrierless Amplitude and Phase Modulation) and splitterless operation (G.lite), and SDSL and IDSL (2B1Q) line codes on the same system. The Speedlink multiplexer also supports the most comprehensive and robust Element Management System in the industry, including the CORBA based DiamondView(R) TMN, with TL1 Gateway, CORBA IIOP and Web based interfaces, and DiamondCraft(R) diagnostic and troubleshooting craft interface. Speedlink offers multiple modular remote solutions and is interoperable with the DSL industry's broadest selection of CPE products, including routers, bridges, and NICs. An international Speedlink, the SLM-1700i, supports the ETSI and ITU-T compliant DMT line code options, including splitterless operation (G.lite).

Diamond Lane Communications Corporation is a privately held company based in Petaluma, CA. Its mission is to enable network and service providers to offer today's NetSet power users, corporate telecommuters and small businesses economical, high-speed access to the Internet, as well as other data services. For more information contact Diamond Lane: 707/793-7000; Web site: Diamond Lane and Speedlink are trademarks of Diamond Lane Communications Corporation.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 16, 1998
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